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Fabulloso – Online Designer Store

Whoever said “Consumer is the king” really was foresighted. With so many options coming up in the online shopping world, we are really spoilt for choices. And I truly believe in “variety is the spice of life”! I don’t remember the last time I went inside a store to actually buy something. Even if I see something nice, I make a mental note of ordering it online because of the exciting options and bargains. As you may have guessed by now, I have one such shopping store to introduce today – meet Fabulloso.

Audrey Elvis Beatles clutches

Fabulloso offers a curated selection of apparel and lifestyle products, along with luxe packaging. “We wish to provide our customers with a fabulous shopping experience, be it products, pricing or delivery”, says Gaurav Taneja, Founder, fabulloso.
Rajesh Pratap Singh, Namrata Joshipura ,Gaurav Abraham and Thakor, Neeru Kumar, Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna are some of the names you can see here. I’m showing you some of the pieces I really like. Did you see the Audrey Humphrey, Beatles and Elvis Presley inspired wallets, these were love at first sight. The store has a nice collection of apparels, accessories, footwear, etc. In skin care, you can shop Forest Essentials online.

online designer shopping

New Delhi-based Saumya Agarwal, 27, claims she succumbed to online shopping after months of hunting for a copy of ‘An Imaginary Life’ by David Malouf. After her initiation she has gone back and tried e-stores like a woman possessed. Her most recent purchase is a “gorgeous pair of Taramay shoes that a friend had e-recommended”. Gone are the days when you shopped online only for hard-to-find books and elusive products. With less time to spare and ready plastic money complemented with higher expendable incomes, shoppers now know what they want and are quick to pick it up online. With the e-tail revolution taking India by storm, retail therapy is not relegated to window shopping and boutique browsing anymore, ask anyone who shops online – finding the right product and then waiting for it to arrive makes it all the more exciting. “Who doesn’t love receiving packages in the mail, especially when you’re sure of the ‘surprise’ being a good one? ”, says Vatsala Mamgain, 41, a self-proclaimed shopaholic.

fabulloso online store
the colorful piece you see here can take center stage in your clothing
E-tailers hope to tap into the Gifting space and also to serve the Tier 2 and 3 cities’ customers who want designer wear, quirky products and branded products but nowhere to spend their expendable incomes. New Delhi-based Mahadev Thakur, 22 is not new to shopping online, “my sister keeps on ordering books online,” he smirks. But even he was surprised when a package was delivered to his doorstep, “My aunt from Jaipur shopped for my birthday present online – I received this really cool fabulloso! box with a Rajesh Pratap Singh shirt in it! Best gift ever!” Nearly 200 online stores have cropped up in India to cater to these very needs. To heat up the competition, stores are now trying to offer their consumers something extra.
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When it comes to footwear, I’m mostly attracted to nudes and beige which they have in plenty.

nude wedges sandals

The store design is changed every 2 months to keep things fresh and exciting. Check out the fabulous store Fabulloso

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