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Exotic Senoritas at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS 13

The SS/13 Collection ‘HACIENDA’ is inspired by the colours and aesthetics of the exotic houses and estates of Southern Americas under the Spanish influence, as well as the local textiles, flora and fauna.

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Spanish Influence at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS 13

The fantastic, flamboyant and eclectic tastes and style of the beau-monde living in stunningly restored Haciendas, are sources of inspiration for a collection reminiscent of languorous evenings spent on expansive verandahs surrounded by blooming orchids, heady frangipani and palm fronds. An amalgam of opposites, relaxed yet dressy chic, ethnic and global tastes, expensive yet rustic styles are the trademark of these dwellings.

Jasmine, luxuriant foliage, fountains, gardens filled with birdsong, haciendas and cabanas decadently decorated with the most exquisite local textiles and splashed with the most stunning colours; mellow yet striking in their contrast, are the canvas for this collection. Various Orchids, Frangipani, Humming birds, intricate geometry of Peruvian and Guatemalan woven textiles, are translated using embroidery, textures, cutwork, appliqué and patchwork for a range of Indo-Western silhouettes. The range has a mix of day and eveningwear, with some saris too.

The palette has an amalgam of the washed colours derived from the palatial Haciendas. The colours are mellow with striking accents; Cantaloupe, Flamingo, Melon, Ochre, Chalk, Avocado, Papaya, Paprika, Olive, Mimosa Green, Lilac, Apricot, Chartreuse, Mustard, Lotus Pink, Maroon and accents of black and metallic tones of burnished gold and bronze.

Silhouettes that have a global-local feel and surfaces and fabrics that reflect a touch of the ethnic are married together with ease and with a sense of the contemporary context. A touch of the 50s silhouette with full skirts and pleats, cut away and slashed yokes, transparent paneling, peplums, shorts, trousers both slim and palazzos are juxtaposed against multi-paneled jackets, pencil skirts, Bermuda shorts, bias cutting and a new spin on the choli for saris. The saris themselves have multiple parts that fuse together in an explosion of pattern, colour and construction including pre-pleated saris. Looks that consist of statement sep arates are styled together for an eclectic bouquet of details, silhouettes and fresh glamourous day to evening pieces.

The sense of style and the DNA of the label have been consistent yet constantly evolving right from the first collection shown, when the label was launched in 2007. The backbone of the label is innovation, effortless elegance and a quiet sense of restraint. There are certain elements that one associates with the label: Colour, Cutwork, textures, layering, appliqué and a sense of effortless chic. These are pieces that are unique, original and fresh additions to the wardrobe of the chic fashionista anywhere in the world. This collection has a chic mix of statement pieces with a plethora of techniques, all with the indelible NACHIKET BARVE stamp that have been put together. The philosophy of the NACHIKET BARVE label is making pieces that continue to stay timely and timeless; decadent statement items that become wardrobe collectibles over time to be re-visited and worn differently each time. As a truly stylish woman knows, labels and seasonal trends change, yet curated items collected over the years go on to build a wardrobe that’s definitely the object of desire and envy.

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Nachiket Barve at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS 13
hacienda wifw
Hacienda Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS 13
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local meets global at Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS 13
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Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week SS 13

FABRICS: Chiffon, Georgette, Crepe, Shot Silk, Raw silk, Organza, Washed Dupion Silk, Net, Khadi, Chanderi, Cotton.

PALETTE: Cantaloupe, Flamingo, Melon, Avocado, Papaya, Paprika, Olive, Chalk, Ochre, Mimosa Green, Lilac, Apricot, Chartreuse, Mustard, Lotus Pink, Maroon and accents of black and metallic burnished gold and bronze.

There is a new way of mixing tonal colour schemes, where colours with varying intensities and hues from one family are put together with a sensual effect rather than sharp contrasts.

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