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My Envy Box Review: September 2014

my envy box september 2014 reviews samples

My Envy Box September 2014 Review and Unboxing

Any new good movies lately? I’ve got bad reviews on Finding Fanny so not really interested in it. But I might watch it for Deepika. Or Arjun Kapoor. Yep that sounds much better coming from a 23yr old. What can I do?! I crush way more easily on girls than boys! No dirty minds please. So I’m planning to spend the day out with some shopping, donuts and Deepika? Whatever I plan I will obviously update on my instagram but meanwhile check out my review of September My Envy Box and the brands that have been picked out for this month.

my envy box september 2014 review

They changed the packaging this month. This month the colour is coral red with a more compact packaging. All good things come in smaller sizes (winks) And look at the sequined pouch. So blingy.

my envy box loccitane almond shaping delight review

L’Occitane Almond Shaping Delight: I can’t vouch for this one as its my first time trying it. I’m not sure if a cream can shape you up but since its L’Occitane I’m definitely curious to try. If it works I will definitely report back.

my envy box bottega di lungavita vita age in face scrub review

Bottega Di Lungavita Vita Age In Face Scrub: I love this brand. Their aqua water is a must have in my vanity and I’ve got high hopes from this face scrub.

my envy box thalgo cryodetox mask review

Thalgo Cryodetox Mask: I tried their salt scrub from one of the earlier My Envy Box and it got me 5-6 uses. Hard to believe but this tiny tube packs a lot and you don’t need much product unless you have a face as big as a moon. I’m hoping my experience with this mask will be equally good.

my envy box za perfect solution restoring collagen cream review

ZA Perfect Solution Restoring Collagen Cream: I’m going to give this to mom to try out. So happy that they finally moved from the cleanser and day cream tubes! I love those two but now I have so many sample sizes and infact full sizes of both of them so I’m happy to try out something new.

my envy box chloe roses de chloe perfume review

Roses De Chloe Perfume: Look at the packaging! I’m gonna wear this one out today.

my envy box new coral packaging

Price: Rs 850 (buy HERE)

And that’s the new look of the box. Overall I like the products individually but they don’t seem to have a cheerleader effect. You know when you see a group of girls from a distance they all look very hot and unreachable. But when you get closer they all turn out pretty average! Yep one of Barney Stinson’s theories my friends. So this time its the reverse. Together they look all usual and average but on a closer look they turn our pretty interesting.

Round 2 of Elle Blogger Awards 2014 is up for voting HERE. Please please go vote for me and I will tell you more of Barney Stinson theories!

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