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My Envy Box: May Edition 2014

my envy box may edition 2014

My Envy Box May Edition 2014 Review

The monthly santa is back! You know I get excited around the start of second week every month because I know My Envy Box will be at my door any minute. I love surprises. The other day Sailor sent a bouquet of roses as an apology for a little fight we had and the card read “A very happy birthday to your dear Mom anshita. “Sorry” we are late – Lakme India” The whole day I was jumping about Lakme sending a dozen yellow roses to mom. I even put it up on all my social media and planned to call them personally the next day to say thank you. At last he couldn’t resist it and told me it was him. He thought I would get the clue but how I’m supposed to guess that! In his defense he did promise a sorry in a romantic and grand way. Oh well so you get the point? I love surprises.

my envy box 2014 review price
my envy box 2014 review

And when surprises come every month in cute pink boxes then you can’t help but go aww so pretty. The sample box has a magnet lid so I store them up oblivious to mom’s arguments about what on earth will I do with so many boxes! Let’s see what all samples this month of My Envy Box has.

my envy box may edition 2014 review photo
my envy box H2O sample

Deluxe H20 nail and cuticle cream sample. H20 is very generous with samples..the last time I got a big tube of their body wash to try so yes if there is one thing that My Envy Box has definitely done then its introducing me to H20 in a warm and hugy way.

my envy box may edition 2014 review price
Calvin Klein Down Town EDP

Calvin Klein Down Town EDP. Yet to try this one. But I’m hoping it will make a place in my tote bag this summer.

my envy box may edition 2014 review blog
Innisfree green tea seed serum

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum. I don’t know how I’m going to make up my mind about this one in just 2 uses. Serums are supposed to be used for a considerable longer time to see results. So a mini serum sample is sort of pointless.

my envy box may edition 2014 review india
Za true white foaming cleanser

Za True White Cleansing Foam: Za is everywhere these days! Excited to try this one.

my envy box may edition 2014 review samples
Eminence Organics Tropical Vanilla Day Cream

Eminence Tropical Vanilla Sun Cream SPF 32: SPF 32 you said? Gotta save it up for my next sarojini spree!!

my envy box may edition 2014 review

 Here are all the products

my envy box may edition 2014 review invite

Oooh they also sent a cute little pouch with the box. I want cushions in that print!

Price: Rs.850

Overall I like the concept of luxury sampling boxes but the May Edition of My Envy Box disappointed me a little. The whole beauty box was missing something..I don’t know but every box is supposed to have that one product you go wwhheeeeeeeee about. Like last month a lot of people got Benefit concealer which they were jumping about. The bar is set high and comparisons are being done. This box didn’t get me jumping. Let’s hope the next month is good.

Product sent by the brand

What did you get in your My Envy Box? Share your views with us

19 thoughts on “My Envy Box: May Edition 2014”

  1. I would love to try Envy box but I can’t buy something which is not personalized and doesn’t even have make-up products. :/

  2. Just can’t tell about the disappointment. I thought fab bag was bad but this.. This was my first box and my mother happened to open it, she was thinking I was stupid to waste 850 for nothing. Have ordered my first nature’s co beauty wish box. Hope that doesn’t disappoint. I even messaged envy box about it.

  3. My mom flipped out on the boxes and wants to store them even when I can’t wait to chuck them! Not that I don’t like them, but really, what do you do with all of them?
    Personally, dislike the Za thing. Against anything that has “white” in its name. Otherwise the box looks beautiful!
    P.S. : I don’t know wether to go awww or *smack* with the roses. How did you react? I’d probably have been screaming at the guy :D :P

  4. Got my box.. absolutely loved the calvin klien perfume.. Totally buying the annual sub (I think they give an annual elle subscription with it and you get two boxes free).

  5. Lucky you girls who get their envy boxes every month. I cried when they told me that don’t deliver to my pin. I was so heartbroken. I saved my pocket money for that pink box and now in vain. So I just went and shopped. And still when I think about it I feel like crying.. No cute pink boxes for me…….


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