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Envy After Dark Perfume Body Spray Review: Hip Hop


Review, Price, Buy Online Vanesa Envy After Dark Perfume Body Spray Hip Hop

By Contributor: Sehej

Nowadays there are many Indian origin perfumes being launched in the market, Vanesa Envy Perfume Spray is one of them. The Envy After Dark Perfume Body Spray in Hip Hop which I will review is from the men’s range. I will try my best to give this review some justice because obviously I’m not a man. However I gifted this perfume spray to my dad, so there’s the saving grace right there. Let’s begin then!

Envy Claims: For the man who is effortlessly charming and smart, Vanesa presents this Envy Eau de Parfum, a fragrance that envelops him in an aura of soft elegance. Masculine Scent – Herbs, Dewy Flora and Exotic Woods: Envy is the combination of spicy and soothing elements such as herbs, dewy flora and exotic woods that blend together to arrive at the perfect balance of fragrance. Long-lasting Protection: 

This mass premium < a href="http://www.vanitynoapologies.com/2015/04/nivea-whitening-talc-touch-deodorant-spray-review-price.html" target="_blank">fragrance leaves your senses indulging in vibrant freshness while giving you long-lasting protection.

Variants Available: Techno, Trance, Rock, Hip Hop


My Review Of Vanessa Envy Perfume Body Spray:

The packaging is classy and simple, nothing too overly dramatic. Black bottle with the brand name and details written in gold color. They have actually changed their packaging from the previous boring all black , this one has a different dimension to it and looks chic despite being priced at a mere 250 bucks.

Coming to the fragrance of Envy Hip Hop deo, it is a strong one and somewhat has woody and spicy elements. It lasts fairly long, say about 8 hours or so. Two sprays and the whole smells of the perfume, trust me I just did that! So it is quite useful when you want to pull a prank of your mom, spray twice and pretend there was a guy in your room! PS- I don’t take responsibility of the consequences afterwards!

However the thing with such fragrances are that you tend to overuse them because they are somewhat subtle so it might get over quickly but then comes the part of it being “no-gas, only perfume” which is quite awesome because then you can spray a little extra without worrying about the durability.

Overall, if you are a guy then you should totally get

the Envy After Dark deos for yourself because it is great for anybody who is on a budget. It is full paisa vasool (No I’m talking about a Ranveer Singh movie!) Also, it would make an awesome gift for your dads, brothers, and friends!


Good Points about Envy After Dark Perfume Body Spray Hip Hop:

  • Sturdy and classy packaging
  • Good quality
  • Worth the price
  • The fragrance lasts long (8 hours is pretty much guaranteed)
  • Smells really nice! (that’s exactly what the girl says in the commercial)
  • Less sprays needed because the scent is pretty strong
  • 100% vegetarian and ozone friendly so you’re doing good deeds for the environment
  • Skin friendly, no side effects experienced

Bad Points About Envy After Dark Perfume Body Spray Hip Hop:

  • I have not found anything as such really.


Price in India: Rs.250

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

Where to Buy Online in India: amazon.in

Conclusion: If you are looking for something cheap and something that delivers despite not burning a hole in your pocket then you should totally get this. It is affordable, smells really nice, lasts long and is a strong fragrance and that is how it should when it comes to men’s fragrances and it ticks all the boxes here. It would make an interesting gift and for guys it can be a game changer and Im saying this because us girls like guys who smells good. Please don’t expect the typical deo advertisement reaction you see on tv, but surely it will make a good impression.

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