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Eco Tools 4 Piece and 5 Piece Brush Set: Review and Price


Review and Price of two Eco Tools Brush Sets: 5 piece and 4 piece

By Contributor: Sanammita

Today I am going to review the most affordable yet quality brushes from a much known brand ECO TOOLS. Brushes are the one and only weapon that can make your makeup flawless and good brushes always comes with high price tags. But Thank fully this Eco Tools has some affordable brushes that are worth mentioning. And today I am going to review two of the most necessary and pretty brush kits from this brand, one is the 5 piece brush set kit and another is 4 piece brush set kit.

ECO TOOLS Claims: EcoTools makes it easy to look beautiful and live beautifully with everyday makeup brushes, bath products, lashes and hair brushes. COSMETIC BRUSHES: EcoTools® makeup brushes are what started it all! The iconic look of the sleek bamboo, gorgeous recycled aluminum and incredibly soft bristles are only part of what makes EcoTools, EcoTools. 

Our cosmetic brushes are beautiful and show respect for the earth. They are 100% cruelty-free, have incredibly soft bristles made of synthetic taklon and have handles made of bamboo and recycled aluminum ferrules.


My Review:

Eco Tools 4 Piece Brush Set:

It comes with 4 essential makeup brushes

Mineral powder brush:  This brush is of medium length, body of the brush looks like its made of bamboo but if its true or not I seriously have no idea. The brush is perfect to apply loose powder or mineral makeup on face.

C oncealer brush : Okay this particular brush is good for applying concealer on small areas of face like under eyes or on bridge of nose but I prefer it using for my eye shadows too.

Eye shading brush:  The eye shading brush is actually good for blending purpose and not for eye shadow application on the eye lid.

Kabuki brush:  This brush is cute and short and yes it can be used to apply powder but I found that this kabuki is not as dense as I expected by seeing its pictures on beauty blogs but still its a good brush for beginners.

Cosmetic bag: This bag is made up of jute that holds the 4 brushes nicely thus easy to carry the kit anywhere.


Eco Tools 5 piece Brush Set:

This kit consists of the following brushes:

Blush brush: The blush brush is pretty dense, soft and just perfect to apply blushes. As the brush shape is oval so I think this brush is good to apply powder too. A 2-in-1 brush in my opinion.

Eye shading brush: This brush is perfect to apply eye shadows on upper lid. The bristles are soft and easy to apply.

Eyeliner brush: This is an angular brush which can be used for applying eyeliner but I am not good in application of eyeliners with this brush so I use it to create the outer V on corners of my eye lids while creating Smokey eyes.

Lash and brow groomer: A nice brush to just shape and comb eye brows.

Concealer brush: This is a dual function brush as I use it to apply eye shadows and concealers.

Cosmetic bag: This kit too has a cosmetic bag made up of jute that holds the brushes and makes them easy to carry everywhere.

Both the kits are easy to carry everywhere, cheap in price, easily washable and dry quickly. The bristles are soft and perfect for makeup beginners.


Price: I bought both the brush sets together from ebay.com for $12.19 with free shipping from the seller best-love2010.

VNA Rating: 4/5 (1 point deducted due to non-availability in India and the kabuki brush of the 4 piece brush set is not very dense)

Over in all, I would love to recommend these kits to all those who want some good makeup brushes at cheap prices. And one more thing as both the kits are more or less similar so you can grab either of these two sets or even both as per your convenience. I love to collect brushes so I bought both of them. Hope my reviews help you in find some good and cheap brushes. Do you have eco tools brushes?

Have you tried Eco Tools 4 Piece and 5 Piece Brush Sets? Share your reviews with us.

10 thoughts on “Eco Tools 4 Piece and 5 Piece Brush Set: Review and Price”

  1. I’ve had these on my wish list for so long! getting them soon thanks to the free shipping (Thanks for mentioning that) !

  2. My bestie keeps talking about Eco tools all the time. Now I know. Thankyou for the review and for mentioning from where you got them :)


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