Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner: Review, Price

Review, Price, Buy Online Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner

By Contributor: Nikanshi

I recently tried the new dove oxygen moisture range. I have really dry hair and mostly stick to heavy conditioners, but this humidity makes my hair look greasy and flat just on the second day, and light shampoos and conditioners do not provide the much needed nourishment to my dry locks. Therefore the very idea of dove oxygen moisture shampoo and conditioner

which I will review today sounded tempting. Dove claims this new range will take care of the dryness and will add volume to the hair as well. Let’s see whether this range delivers on its promise or not.

Dove Claims: With the new Dove Oxygen Moisture, you no longer need to choose between well moisturized hair and natural volume. Oxyfusion technology for Dove promises you both!  So leave your hair worries aside, and breathe life into dry, dull hair. Dove Oxygen Moisture shampoo is a transparent, lightweight formula comprising of oxyfused moisture ingredients that instantly disperse on the hair. This formula helps to gently cleanse and nourish hair, leaving it beautifully bouncy, and full of natural volume. Enriched with the Oxyfusion technology, the Dove Oxygen Moisture Conditioner delicately moisturizes dry and dull hair, restores smoothness and leaves hair looking thicker

My Review of Dove Shampoo and Conditioner:

Dove Shampoo: The oxygen shampoo comes in regular dove white bottle packaging. The shampoo is a transparent gel, unlike all the other cream based shampoos from dove. Therefore I was skeptical that it’ll dry my hair but it didn’t. The texture is not too runny not too thick, it has a mild pleasant fragrance. It foams well and cleanses hair effectively without making my hair feeling dry. I have used oxygen moisture on second day hair, and also third day hair with a lot of product in my hair, the results were the same both the times.

One wash is enough to clean your hair effectively. But if you use it after oiling at least two washes are required to remove the oil. This one is the first ever gel shampoo that worked for my dry hair. I have used it with a different conditioner and I can say the dove shampoo also plays the part of adding volume to the hair.

Dove Conditioner: The oxygen conditioner promises smoothness and volume and it delivers on these two claims very well. The consistency is thick and it also has a mild fragrance. But my hair gets really frizzy on the second day, and i have to rely on a leave in conditioner. And the ends of my hair remains quite dry.

But one day I made an exception to my two minute conditioner rule and let oxygen moisture sit for about five minutes and that day my hair felt more moisturized. But that didn’t solve the frizz issue and I had to use a leave in conditioner again.

Pros of Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner:

  • Adds volume to my lifeless hair.
  • The shampoo is really nice for summer as it cleanses hair effectively.
  • Imparts some shine to the hair.
  • Mild pleasant fragrance.
  • Available in different sizes.

Cons of Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner:

  • Doesn’t control frizz.
  • Controls dryness only when you leave the conditioner for at least five minutes.

Price in India: Shampoo (Rs.176 for 180ml) and Conditioner (Rs.194 for 180ml)

VNA Rating: Shampoo 4/5, Conditioner 3/5

Where to Buy Online in India:

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  • i was also going to buy this range but it seems average.The main problem that most of us face is frizziness but if it doesn't tame frizziness,it's of no use! Nice review.

  • It seems nice! I don't have a lot of frizz in my hair so maybe I'll like it :)

  • i might just give it a skip for its inability to control frizz.....actually nothing seems to be working for my frizzy hair this monsoon :-(

  • Nice review!! I have been meaning to try the shampoo but was waiting for a review!!

  • Nice review !! Just started using it, since my hair dont get that frizzy it seems to be working fine with me:)

  • Somehow Dove shampoos never suited me. They alsways make my hair limp :( But i will give this a shot

  • This trick for dry ends does help me and you might want to see if it works for you. Wet hair, rub some conditioner onlybon the ends of the hair, and startvshampooing as usual. Of course, the suds reach the conditioned ends as well. Rinse and apply conditioner along the lenghths of your hair and rinse out as you usually would(I wash my hair post conditioning for a full minute so that there is not much product left behind and also not all of it washes away). Does solve a lot of issues regarding dry ends.
    However, I do find the conditioner a bit heavy for my hair.


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