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Dove Nourishing Oil Care Range – Expectations?

A few days back I had received a gift hamper with Dove Nourishing Oil Care range. Till date I’ve used only two Dove products. First one was the famous Dove soap bar. I must be 10 then and during that time, Dove had one of the most expensive soap priced at Rs.51/- or so. So, obviously using it was elite and I was named “The Dove Girl” by my family. And the second product was a conditioner. In one word, horrible! I don’t know why but the conditioner never worked for me even though it had some rave reviews on blogosphere.

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this. You know my hair behaves much much better than my skin (touch wood!) and I have never had issues with my hair. But nowadays I’m going through a ‘bit’ of a hair fall problem (may be because it’s fall!). So, I had already planned on changing my hair care routine and had bought the Pantene shampoo and conditioner. So, may be now I can come up with something like Dove v/s Pantene War!

Let’s enjoy the picture for now. Did I tell you that I love the packaging?

I’m specially excited about the serum

and this is my first hair mask..imagine.

Right now I’m eyeing the serum and the mask. But you can request if you want to see any particular review first.

Disclaimer- Products sent by the brand as gifts.

7 thoughts on “Dove Nourishing Oil Care Range – Expectations?”

  1. well i can agree u on conditioner and shampoo too.. i used them some 3 years ago and it used to make my hair like straws..will definitely appreciate if u review this new line ..they say “NEW”..Blrrhh

  2. @anju oh really? i’m excited now

    @tanveer yeah it does to me as well, cant wait to try it

    @cheeky “new” hahaha! dove hair products never suited me, so i’m not expecting much..lets see. would def. review it soon


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