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Do You Open Your Mouth While Applying Mascara?

It always happens to me. Initially it was something I didn’t even notice until I was pointed out by my younger brother…younger brother!
He says “why do you make faces specially when you put eyeliner on your lashes?” He calls mascara an eyeliner, actually everything is eyeliner to him. Anyway so the point is do you do it?

I was thinking of excuses to save myself and came up with this bunch:

mascara application tips

  • It is a very very normal human thing to do. You open your mouth whenever you do something that needs that extra attention, concentration and precision. And mascara application needs concentration.
  • Girls tilt their head back to bring their eye closer to the mirror while applying mascara to the roots. And your lips ALWAYS part when you tilt your head backwards. Come on try it for yourselves…..see I told ya! *wink*
  • It keeps you from blinking while your eyes are open and under construction.
  • Hab it!
The other day I tried pursing my lips deliberately while applying mascara and poked myself in the eye! And not just mascara, I open my mouth while applying eyeliner, kohl or curling lashes.
Now the question is can you do it with your mouth closed? Yes you can but it needs a conscious effort. Not something you can do in a hurry or while your mind is somewhere else. But I still prefer my mouth open, like to see my brother looking at me with eyes that say “lunatic”.
What’s your take?

12 thoughts on “Do You Open Your Mouth While Applying Mascara?”

  1. hahahhaa yup even I do that :) I think whenever we try to look at something super close, we tend to open our mouth.
    Rest God knows :D

    lol u came up with so many answers hehehe

  2. You know what, this is the first time I have ever heard of such a thing. Why don’t I do that? *confused* Well, I don’t! Maybe I am weird :P

  3. me when I apply mascara..I kinda bite my lip on the right side..something Genelia is famous for..yea but mouth is open from the left xD


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