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DIY Project: Neon Green Handbag!

neon green handbag diy

DIY Neon Green Handbag

Some time back I received a media kit in this neon green bag. As soon as I ripped open the outer package…..I saw something bright..something green..something neon..and I was sold. For full 10 mins I didn’t realize there was actually something inside..I wouldn’t have cared if they had sent it empty. The marketing gurus are getting really smart and style savvy these days. But my only gripe was..I couldn’t really decide if it was supposed to be a hand bag (hello? no straps!), a clutch (too big for that)..a wallet?..definitely not a wallet. Plus the quality is a little flimsy but who cares when its neon.

neon green satchel bag diy

So I’ve taken it upon myself to DIY it into something useable..something I can carry to college everyday..okay not everyday but alteast with all the black, blue, red and orange outfits. Okay so pretty much everyday. So what’s my plan?

Well my plan is to add two loops on the side and add either a golden or silver chain or maybe use a neon strap in pink/yellow/blue along with the chain. Basically make a criss cross chain like we get with tiny satchel bags. So I went to this small bag shop in K.nags yesterday and asked the if they do such chains. Honestly I didn’t expect much help since I’m not even a regular there and SAs don’t really care anything other than targets. But as soon as I showed him the bag, he had the same expression on his face that I had when I first saw it..eyes sticking out!

The first thing he said was “such unique colour!”. Then he went into all the details about where I can get the stuff and how I should make sure that I buy quality stuff because the bag is so good etc etc. I honestly think he wanted my bag!

neon yellow clutch photo

Now you see why hate flash. The VNA contributors feel I’m very strict when it comes to the photo quality..its just flash changes the colour so much and people rely on our swatches. I usually take around 20 swatches for every lipstick or eyeshadow I review and the same I ask my contributors. The bag turned bright yellow! Now when I look at it I think I need a bag in that colour too but with better material.

neon green bag do it yourself

This neon green is very neon in person..like the 1st pic. I wouldn’t have bothered using it had it been some boring black. So this is my project for the week month. I’m gonna work on it this weekend. I will put up the photos once its done.

Meanwhile if you want to DIY an envelope + satchel bag then see this video. I think its very creative!

Let me know what you think!

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