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Diwali Giveaway: Win an Innisfree Hamper!

innisfree giveaway india hamper

Innisfree 1st Year Anniversary Giveaway

A very exciting news for all Korean and Innisfree skin care fans. VNA has collaborated with the famous Korean brand to reward one of our readers with an exciting hamper. This is part of the Innisfree’s 1 st year Anniversary celebrations in India. I’ve been trying out some Innisfree products from some time now (as I shared on my Instagram

) and my favourite has to be the Green Tea serum. I use it twice a day and it has taken care of my skin all last month. Not just that, its an amazing makeup base too. I’m also using the Super Volcanic Pore Clay mask as a spot treatment for breakouts and thankfully my skin is free from acne right now (barring those stubborn PMS ones!)

I will be doing a detailed review on it soon. I’m in the fashion week detox phase right now so the posts are getting a bit delayed! The hamper is VNA approved and one of you stands a chance to win this. The Winner will get the following products in the hamper-

  •  Green Tea Seed Serum
  • Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask
  • Green Tea Mask Sheets – 2pcs
  • Cucumber Mask Sheets – 2pcs
  • Eco Nail Enamel

innisfree first anniversary giveaway india

To participate:

  • Share this blog post on Facebook using the hashtag #innisfreeturns1 (keep your profiles public for us to check)
  • Comment below with the product you are most excited to try out and why

Tadaa!! That’s all you gotta do. See I don’t trouble you girls! The contest is open till 17th October. Open to Indian girls only. I will pick the best answer as winner and announce it on our Facebook page so make sure you keep a look there.

VNA and Innsisfree wish you all a very Happy Diwali!

36 thoughts on “Diwali Giveaway: Win an Innisfree Hamper!”

  1. i wud love to try green tea serum..OH MY… I heard soooo many good things about this product..Iam very excited to try Innisfree products out since they are nature-based and the green tea ingredient is 100% organic…i loved the green packaging.. <3 <3

  2. Thank you for this amazing giveaway. And congratulations to Innisfree India for turning 1.
    I am most excited about the Green Tea Seeds Serum as serums are the best when it comes to skin care.

  3. I think i am excited for the cucumber mask….knowing that something contains cucumber in it i really feel it refreshes every bit of me! So a cucumber mask i must for me<3 yayy! want this really<3
    By the way to make it easy to see my profile..here's its link-https://www.facebook.com/sadhna.bansal

  4. Heartiest wishes on first anniversary of inninsfree. I wanna try green tea serum, actually i’m in search for good serum these days as i’m not happy with the results of the serums i’ve tried before. So this may be a ray of hope for me.

  5. I really, really want to try the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. I love using clay masks rather than sheet masks and I’ve read so many wonderful things about this one. Plus it is cruelty-free, has ingredients from nature and comes in an eco-friendly packaging. What’s not to love?

  6. di.. this is awesome.. I’m a true nail art lover so I would love to try eco nail enamel… it sounds natural and without chemicals.. that’s the reason I wanna try it… I hope I win… lol.. ok.. I’m not greedy… may the best one wins… thank you di so much for this giveaway… :D

  7. Soon to be bride and going through the experiments, beauty regimes and what not that all girls do to look the best for the big day….my skin got lot of problems like visible pores, dullness and uneven skintone…. recently came across ths ‘super volcanic pore clay mask’ which claims to tighten pores, cleansing, providing glow to skin which i dont think any of my ‘to buy’ list beauty products alone offers. Feeling super excited n realy tempted to try it n what cud b better than a free giveaway ;-)

  8. I would want to try the nail paint, simply because the sheer number of nail paints that I have to give up on because of the brand not being cruelty-free is too damn high! I would grab this beautiful nail paint because Innisfree is cruelty-free :) But the best part is that if I won, all the other good stuff can be so much helpful for my mom’s skin *-*
    Congrats Innisfree on completing 1 year in the country of colors, quite literally :)

  9. Before talking about the giveaway, I want to congratulate you for starting your new blog. I have read it’s debut post and I loved it. You were looking damn good in that dress. Apart from it, I also liked all your outfits you wore in WIFW. Now coming to the giveaway, that’s such an amazing Giveaway. Congratulations to Innisfree for completing a successful year. I haven’t heard about this particular brand before but after going through your giveaway post, I searched it and I must say that I am totally in love with it. After reading so many positive responses, my reaction was: it was the product my skin was looking for. Innisfree is literally the secret of Korean Beauty. In case I’ll not win this Giveaway, I am definitely going to add atleast couple of Innisfree Products in my cart this festive season. Now coming to the question, though I have never used any product from this brand before but I really want to try “Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask” after reading such fantastic and positive reviews. It’s super great features of clearing out pores and reducing number of acne breakouts has super impressed me. The packaging looks yummilicious, like Bournville Dark Chocolate. It’s all Herbal Ingredient list is an added advantage. I am sure it will suit my weird skin type. I would also like to try an another product (It is such an awesome brand that every product is tempting me) i.e., the miraculous “The Green Tea Seed Serum”. I don’t know why but I am already getting this feeling that my skin will feel fresh and soft after the first application itself. We all are very well aware about the benefits of green tea. I love how it makes one’s skin soft and supple and prevents dryness and flakiness. Overall these products are full with the goodness of nature.
    Facebook Name: Saraswati Thakur

  10. Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask wud be the one that i wanna try. My skin issues cn be best tackled by the gentle care of clay mask :) I cant narrate wat m I expecting from the product without trying it once, but it wud surely be an effective one!!

  11. I’m most excited to try out Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. I hear it’s cruelty-free & works great for oily/ combination skin and open pores, I need such a deep cleansing product in my regime. :)

  12. I have already used Innisfree’s Gree tea seed serum and absolutely love it…the face mask sheets work great too…I am yet to try out the much talked about Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask…I am definitely most excited about it!!

  13. OMG how amazing this giveaway is
    Congratulations for turning one Innisfree ^_^
    I personally would love to try the Cucumber mask because :-
    1. Cucumber refreshes my skin
    2.I love how it smells
    3.It rejuvenates and re-energizes
    4.I didn’t use korean skincare product yet -_-
    5.And come on its Innisfree, totally cruelty free so what more can one ask for :D

    Hope I am lucky this time *FingersCrossed*

  14. Hi Anshita.. I sent you a mail on the careers email address.. Could you please check and get back to me? Thanks a ton!

  15. Hey, Innisfree’s green tea seed serum definitely excites me the most. Most important reason being, i have read alot about this product that it is absolutely non sticky and i suppose the oil tanks running on my face can definitely be cured with this magical product by innisfree. Heartiest congratulations to innisfree as #innisfreeturns1 !

  16. Hey Anshita, I have to say I have never tried Innisfree’s products because I never got the chance to, but I have heard so many things about their volcanic clay products that I would love to try any one of them out! Congratulations Innisfree for turning one!

  17. Hi Anshita…
    Loved all product in the giveaway…
    The product i am most interested to try are the Cucumber and Green Tea Mask Sheets coz I have never tried any mask sheets before but after seeing the hype and usage of them on many blogs ,desperately wanna try them …Now its high time to personally experience them and see the wonderful results on my skin as they would revitalise my skin…

  18. Hey Anishta, amazing blog you have here. i do not miss even one email from you make sure to read everything you post :)
    And very Happy First Birthday to InnisFree!! Its new brand for most of us here but looks so promising!! and its ethical, green and eco-friendly. No guilt or multitudes of chemical in this one, what else does one need :)
    Though everything in this hamper and their website looks tempting, but i am looking forward to use the Green Tea seed serum the most. I have been married for close to 6 months now, however, my skin has started to look worn out and tired, no matter how many facials or clean-up i do. it needs something more than just superficial care and i am sure that this serum will provide it.
    I need this serum to get that bridal glow back that i have been longing for!

  19. Congrats on turning one, Innisfree!! :) I tried their cucumber mask and it was the most soothing thing ever, my skin feel so soft and supple <3 I'm really excited to try the Green Tea serum, have heard tonnes about how great it is and how it promises to live up to its claims. Thaks for the giveaway, hope to win ^_^

  20. Hi! Urs is one of the best blogs to check for launch of new beauty products. Diwali is the festival of lights and gifts.. I am super excited to participate here and stand a chance to win the innisfree gift hamper this diwali.. I am right now caring for my 3 month old daughter and am absolutely loving it.. My skin care routine s taken a hike and these products remind me that I have to care for myself as well. The super volcanic pure clay mask sounds interesting as u said it works extremely well for breakouts. I have acne prone sensitive oily skin & on usage of makeup have frequent breakouts. I would love to try these products. Happy 1 st anniversary innis & congrats Anshita on the best beauty blog around the web.:0).

  21. I am very interested in trying out the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum and Green Tea Masks Sheets, because I have already used the samples and in absolute love with these, However I lie in a city where Innisfree is not available and I am unable to lay my hands on my favorite products :)

  22. I liked most is Green Tea Seed Serum Good to go for everyday use.i really need a good serum keeps the skin clear and moisturised i hope its too having same property which helps me to look whole day Skin to be clear :) nice product for the morning to give skin a bit more moisture pleasant and refreshing :)

  23. Thank you for such an awesome giveaway Ansh :) Congratulations to Innisfree for turning one:)
    I’m sure excited to try Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, it’s a product i have never used and i think it would work really well for my skin!
    Hope to win… fingers crossed!

  24. Thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway!Korean brands in my book are CONNOISSEUR of skincare and makeup.I did my happy dance when Innisfree opened their store in Saddi Dilli ^.^).My skin responds very well to korean products., not only thanks to their super effective ingredients but because they’re just so dang pretty! Innisfree Apple Juicy Lip & Eye Remover ,Capsule Recipe Pack Series ,Eco Science Wrinkle Spot Essence is already a staple in my routine . I have to say that I am head over heels for this gorgeous pack .The love and care that go into their products is obvious. And the use of natural ingredients is comforting and inspiring.I would be over the moon to try the Green Tea Seed Serum and Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask . The packaging is an invitation by itself. I am sure it would be a real treat to my sensitive,acne prone skin in the harsh winter conditions, but also after a day in the sun in the summertime.My pores need a vacuuming. And let’s face it there is never enough face masks ;).I honestly want everything that they make. I wish I had a brilliant closet full of bottles filled with their concoctions.

  25. im excited for all those things which cure acne, i get break outs every now n thn ,my derma says its hormonal & will get better after marriage :p lol so till the right boy comes in lemme give them a shot :D
    pun intended :D

  26. Hey Anshita! Happy Diwali to the VNA team :) Congratulations Innisfree! u are turning an year old :D
    Time, for some serious talks!!..I wish to lay my hands upon the green tea seed serum. I barely knew this product a couple of weeks ago and my desire to own it has increased ever since I found this nice green bottle with a pump dispenser on a blog review. One big reason why I would wanna own it is coz I wanna experience it myself and get content. The best thing about this product I know is that, this was launched as a part of Innisfree’s 6 free pledge and is hence free from parabens and animal ingredients (i honestly donno what the other four are!). The next best thing is that it is a serum n readily absorbs into the skin and feels light-weighted, unlike a moisturiser that works just on the surface. This serum contains 100% jeju organic green tea n m certain not to go wrong with this!!!

  27. Congratuations to Innisfree India on its first birthday… and my best wishes to VNA for bringing Diwali joy to our lives in the form of this giveaway. I would like to try the Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask because I think I have OCD when it comes to pore cleaners and masks :P and this particular concoction (with volcanic clay, Whoa!!) sounds very intriguing.

  28. #innisfreeturns1 ! congratulations Iniisfree for turning 1 in India! I really like the green tea seed serum for the powerful properties it holds! Not only does it leave my skin supple but also leaves that refreshing green tea fragrance! Just one pump in the morning and i am sorted for the day !

  29. Pore clay mask it is! Yes its my fav. innisfree product! and iv been using it since past few months now! it keeps me free from blisters, pores locked away, safe and sound from the dirt and pollution outside! #innisfreeturns1

  30. hello.. that’s a nice giveaway.. i have heard so many rave about innisfree products but have not gotten an opportunity to try any of them.. hope this time i am lucky around to try some of these beauties! going by the names, all the products are very tempting but i would really really love to try out the super volcanic pore clay mask first. i have read a lot about benefits of volcanic clay; how it is a natural cleanser that prevents ageing of skin when used regularly and how it acts as a very good exfoliator for the skin. plus i am sure it will keep my facial pores under check.. wish i can lay my hands on it soon :)

  31. Hi Anshita
    Amazing giveway i wud love to try Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask as i have heard great reviews also clay masks ahve proven to be great for acne prone and oily skin line me this will help me keep my pores at bay and black heads and white heads away from my face also it helps to reduce sebum production ! wonderful korean product i love it !! Plzzzz i need to try it

  32. The product that excites me the most is the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum. The reasons are as follows
    1. Green tea is a storehouse of benefits. It contains antioxidants which are effective against the free radicals that cause skin damage. I am in my 20s and I think I should start on an anti-aging regime and what better that green tea!
    2. I have to travel a great distance to my workplace and I get suntanned easily. This serum should help me crack the whip on sunburn.
    3. Green tea has antibacterial content and will be a wonder product during those days of the month especially when I have those unwanted breakouts.
    4. I am very thin and I have always wanted to drink Green tea because I know, it is a miracle drink for skin(like the ad in which kareena comes ;) ). But since it also aids weight loss- I defer from having it.This serum would help me keep my skin clear and blemish free.
    I could go on and on on the wondrous benefits of green tea:)
    Congrats to Innisfree on completing a year in India! Here’s wishing you many more years :)

  33. Thank you for this opportunity and notifying me abt this amazing giveaway … I Shared it on facebook ! (

    I love all the products mentioned… since all of them are so essentially organic and so Au Natural’!
    If i had to pick one, it would be the Green Tea Seed Serum… simply because it is so unique. There are many facewashes and a lot of antibacterial astringents which would have green tea in them.. even a lot of herbal teas have it in its worthy list of ingredients. But this is one product which Innisfree should be really able to gloat about as they created a beauty serum which keeps skin supple and hydrated with Green Tea ! So metaphorically, you can now have your cake and eat it too ! You can now drink Green Tea intrinsically and your skin can now drink it too ! :)
    Besides, the smell of Green Tea is so exotic in its essence and it is sure to transport me to a different world altogether ! :)

  34. I heard soooo many good things about this product! I was so happy when I received this, i’m talking about the green tea seed serum of the Korean brand Innisfree. This serum is one of their best sellers. I was very excited to try Innisfree products out since they are nature-based and the green tea ingredient is 100% organic and from Jeju Island.It’s a moisturizing & nourishing serum with organic green tea seeds from Jeju Island to fill the skin with suppleness and clarity. This serum creates a dewy complexion, without leaving a greasy, sticky feeling afterwards. One pump of this citrus smelling serum will leave you with supple, dewy and hydrated skin. This serum is part of Innisfree’s 6-free pledge: free from parabens, pigments, mineral oil, ethanol, benzophenone and animal ingredients.The texture of this serum is liquidy and feels lightweight and it also absorbs quickly into my skin. There is no sticky feeling afterwards. The serum has a refreshing and pleasant citrus scent. 


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