Delicca Powder Face Wash Sulfate Free: Review, Price

Review, Price, Buy Online Delicca powder Face Wash

By Contributor: Moupee

As a person I am quite the experimental type and love to try out the new beauty products that come in the market. As a Beauty Blogger I love to share my views and experiences about any new beauty product which I have used and so today I will be sharing my views about the Delicca Powder Face Wash which is from the same brand Vini cosmetics that launched the stupid Glam Up Cream. This is supposed to be sulfate free so let’s check out my experience.

Delicca Claims: Delicca powder face wash is sulphate free, gentle on the skin, washes impurities, dirt. Removes pore clogging excess oil and helps lift dullness from the skin. Doesn’t over dry the skin and leaves it moist and look fresh.

My Review:

Delicca powder face wash claims to be free from sulphate (sulphate is well known to be corrosive on the skin). It also claims to remove pore clogging, remove oil and dirt from the skin and infuses freshness pre-empted by purely organic goodness of Turmeric.

First Impressions: The first thing which I liked about the product was its smart black packaging and the way Delicca is written on it with a nice pink floral logo. As I noticed the ingredients are clearly printed at the back and that’s a positive sign as you can check out the ingredients list so that you Google them up (at least that’s what I did to research on potential side effects and allergies). Happy to say that I found that all the ingredients were safe.

The bottle (which is also black) is not that impressive looking and at the first impression it looks half empty. The bottle itself is glossy and with a flip flop cover that makes it look unlike all the other face washes that I have come across. The face wash powder has a sweet smell but it smells a little like something brought from the drug store. Overall I was a little apprehensive when I tried it out.

As the face wash Delicca is in a powder form I had no difficulty in squeezing out a small amount of it on my palm. After a little bit of it on my palm I then added a bit of water and was happily surprised to see that it started to lather up really well. The smell was a bit unpleasant like their Glam Up Cream. I left on the face wash for about a minute on my skin during which time I massaged my skin on the T zone (I have combination skin you see) and then washed it off well.

My first big feeling was that of relief because I saw that my face was not stained slightly yellow. You see Delicca has turmeric in it like the Vicco Turmeric face wash (which does stain the skin) so I was afraid of getting a yellowish tint. Thankfully nothing of that sort happened.

My second feeling was that of pleasant surprise as my face was not slimy (most herbal face washes do this) and not too dry (chemical face washes do this as a rule) and felt nice, fresh and supple. So as far as the skin cleansing job is concerned (and that’s the main function of face wash anyway) Delicca did a really good job.

But soon after it broke me out..yikes! I have sensitive skin so may be thats why but I stopped using it afterwards.

Pros of Delicca Powder Face Wash Sulfate Free:

  • Gentle on the Skin
  • Doesn’t Stain
  • Cleanses Nicely
  • Is Affordable

Cons of Delicca Powder Face Wash Sulfate Free:

  • Packaging is not that great
  • Smell is not that great either
  • Not meant for sensitive skin as it broke me out badly

Price: Rs.125

VNA Rating: 3/5

Buy Online:

Final Verdict: This is an affordable face wash if “fancy” is not what you are looking for. But I wouldn’t recommend it to those with sensitive skin as it gave me a horrible pimple.

Have you used Delicca Powder Face Wash Sulfate Free? Share your reviews with us.

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  • As i saw that it is sulfate free i thought of giving it a shot, but after seeing the review i will skip it for sure...thanks for your review hun :)

  • It contains Talc and probably that's why you got those break out. I will avoid it.

  • I will skip it for sure!
    I like products that smell good and you have pointed out that this doesnt smell good as well and its not for those with sensitive skin.


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