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Deborah Milano BB Cream 5 in 1 Swatches and Review

Deborah Milano BB Cream 5 in 1 review

Deborah Milano BB Cream 5 in 1

By Contributor: Sharmistha Chowdhury

BB…BB..I am shouting like that lady in the Garnier BB Cream ad. BB creams have played an integrate role in my life. So far I have tried Maybelline BB stick, Garnier BB cream and now this one. I couldn’t resist myself from buying this classy black tube. Isn’t it? Ok let me brief you all on what exactly is BB cream. BB means Blemish Balm which is the beauty secret behind the amazing skin of Korean girls. They come with a lot of benefits like concealing, moisturising, protecting from the sun and with regular use they heal your skin. This is      a BB cream in its true sense. But our Indian BB creams are mostly ordinary beauty creams with a tint. Let’s go ahead with the review and swatches.

Deborah Milano Claims: 5-in-1 BB CREAM has a soft, fluid consistency that allows for as little or as much coverage as required, without ever looking cakey. A single application is all it takes to achieve a sheer, natural look; repeat for more visible coverage. Featuring a multi-function formula, beauty balm offers skin a host of benefits plus perfect skin in just one product. Hypoallergenic, with a delicate violet scent. SPF20 for effective protection from photoageing. 5-in-1 BB CREAM, a skin perfecting, all-in-one foundation with a multi-performance formula:

1. first it smoothes and primes skin;

2. then it conceals and minimises imperfections;

3. evens out skin tone,

4. moisturises and nourishes skin,

5. and protects it against UV radiation and pollution.

Deborah Milano BB cream comes in 6 shades: 01 Fair, 02 Beige, 03 Sand, 04 Apricot and 05 Amber. For me its 04 Apricot.

Let me scare you all first that with Ingredients, it contains harmful chemicals like Silica, Urea, Talc etc. so it doesn’t gives any benefit your skin.  The cream is neither runny nor thick. The texture is smooth, soft and blends easily though it needs a little time blending when worn alone but if you apply any moisturizer beneath, it blends really well. My skin is oily and it gives soft matte finish. The coverage is light to medium, it does not conceal pimples, acne marks or any scars on the face. What I like the most is it even out the skin though after 2-3 strokes, it leaves a white cast behind due to spf content.

The staying power is 5-6 hours on me. After 2-3 hours I can see some shine on my nose so I need to touch up with powder. What I don’t like is it comes off on dry tissue or face towel if you pat on our face to remove any sweat. I would suggest you to use blotting sheets. The fragrance is not overpowering and quite faint. I am horrible in describing fragrance so sorry for that.

The black packaging is the most attractive packaging I have come across in BB Creams. Its glossy black and squeezes out the cream easily. However the cream does get accumulated on the mouth of the tube, which makes it unhygienic.

Overall it’s a good BB cream by Deborah but not something I can’t leave home without.

Deborah Milano BB Cream 5 in 1
Deborah Milano BB Cream 5 in 1


Deborah Milano BB Cream 5 in 1 review photo
Deborah Milano BB Cream 5 in 1 Review
Deborah Milano BB Cream 5 in 1
Deborah Milano BB Cream 5 in 1


Deborah Milano BB Cream 5 in 1 shades
Deborah Milano BB Cream 5 in 1 shade apricot


Deborah Milano BB Cream 5 in 1 Swatch
Deborah Milano BB Cream 5 in 1 Swatch

The Good Things:

  • Smooth Texture
  • Evens out the skin
  • Covers light pigmentation or redness
  • Soft Matte Finish
  • Classy Black Packaging
  • Blends well
  • Contains SPF 20

The Bad Things:

  • Doesn’t cover any scars, Pimples or under eye darkness
  • Contains Harmful Ingredients
  • Leaves white cast of used more.
  • The mouth of tube gets accumulated  by cream, quite messy

Price: Rs 350

VNA Rating: 3.5/5

Do I Recommend? Deborah Milano BB Cream gives sheer finish enough to even out your skin tone. The texture is smooth and easy to blend. The shade Apricot is the second darkest and still a little light for my Indian skin. Its a good BB cream but not something I would re-purchase.

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19 thoughts on “Deborah Milano BB Cream 5 in 1 Swatches and Review”

  1. 6 shades..really ?!?!

    Worth a try.. m quite sure by the end of august ..i will find a perfect solution for my makeup kit :)

    • Lol yes..!! coz i invest wisely and suggest others too.. am not the one who buys anything which comes in the way… :P :D

    • If u over apply it, then it can leave a white cast, it happens with most products which contains spf..

  2. Despite of the cons, I will still try this :P One more thing, last time I was in the mall, I wanted to buy it. But I didn’t end up buying because the SA(which was a guy, btw) insisted that it comes in only one shade. I knew that there were more shades but didn’t know how many exactly. I left the sore empty handed. After reaching home, I was thinking that probably I am wrong and there is only one shade because the SA would know better and he sounded very certain. Today, you confirmed there are SIX shades. Gosh, those SAs are not well trained.

    • Complete your choice babes.. :) though i would still suggest u to try it once if u feel like.. :)


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