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Day 1 of Cannes 2012: Fan Bingbing Dress and Makeup Breakdown (Photos+Video)

No this post will not talk about the floral green embroidered Christopher Bu off shoulder gown and that hairdo (which I read is a symbol of some Tang dynasty) Fan Bingbing is sporting at the opening of the 65th Cannes Film Festival. Instead we will talk about the bright orange lips and Elie Saab green-gold clutch. And the emerald green Chopard earrings. The lips..oh the lips..see below to know the exact name and shade of the lipstick. What pleases me more is that I have

this lipstick and I’m soon gonna come up with a look.

fan bingbing cannes 2012
fan bingbing dress
fan bingbing cannes
fan bingbing makeup breakdown cannes

Makeup base: L’Oreal Base Vagique and Infallible Foundation (that reminds me I’ve to review this foundation..its in the drafts and I always forget to publish it!)
Eyes: Did you notice her brows are undone? Anyhoo, there is a wash of peach pink on the lids and Impact Felt tip black liner is used to line the eyes. Add some falsies and apply the L’Oreal double ext serum mascara.
Cheeks : I specially like how the blush is applied..very barely there kind..like playing peek-a-boo..exactly like how the blushes should be applied. Its L’oreal Tue Match blush in Rose Cheeks.

And now the star of the look: orange lipstick

..its : L’Oreal True Match lipstick in Burning Sunset launched recently with the L’OR Electric collection.

the top most is the lipstick I’m talking about.

bright orange lipstick

And here is she talking of her favourites:

Check out Eva Longoria from Day 1.

11 thoughts on “Day 1 of Cannes 2012: Fan Bingbing Dress and Makeup Breakdown (Photos+Video)”

  1. The lipstick shade is soo pretty! I feel like getting one for me!!! I liked her blush, i have that loreal base magique, its really good but dry skinnies may not like as it flakes sometimes! Hows the foundation??? I am planning to get one but confused!

  2. Fan Bingbing looked stunning in that dress and her hair & makeup were absolutely divine, that being said ,today I went on a wild goose shade to swatch & buy Burning sunset, alas it looks nothing like what Fan Bingbing appears to be wearing in the pic, looks more like Mac’s So chaud.Don’t know if the camera lighting is playing tricks with the lipstick shade or the store lighting, but the shades looked nothing alike…

  3. @SkullsBonesAndLoveOfFashion i too loveddddd the earings..its my fav colour

    @nisha stange..haha..yes!

    @coral cue apart from the lips, the rest of the makeup is pretty simple n natural..like it :)

  4. @pooja haha wild chase..thats me! well the video shows her with d lippy so m sure its the same. i checked with so chaud, its more orangy while this one is more yellow n has shimmer. nothing alike. i will get some more swatches for u


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