My Daily Skin Care Routine for Combination Oily Skin- Day to Night

Day and Night Skincare routine for Oily Combination Acne Prone Skin

By Contributor: Agnirupa

We all lead pretty hectic schedules what with balancing jobs, personal lives, family lives and still look flawless at the end of the day! Well err..maybe not flawless really but cummon, we are gorgeous. Being a beauty blogger adds to the stress somehow. All my friends, cousins expect to see me without any flaws. Its like being a blogger automatically vanishes our beauty woes or something. Naahh..we know our secrets. We basically use multi purpose efficient products instead of a host of treatments and that is where for me, Olay scores big time.

A few months back, I got to try and review the Olay skin care products from their Total Effects t in 1 range and ooh la la life has become so easy after incorporating them in my beauty routine! I got their 7 effects foaming face cleanser, 7 effects day cream, 7 effects serum and their anti-ageing night cream. Follow the links for detailed reviews.

I have been using them all diligently and they have made a nice difference to both my skin tone and texture as well as the minimal time I need for my day and night routines.

My Day time Skin Care Routine with Olay Total Effects:

As soon as I wake up, I wash my face with my very favorite 7 effects foaming face wash. It gets rid of the last night’s residue products and oil from skin..makes my face look bright and refreshed without any dry/stretchy feel. Note- the tube in the pictures is basically the 2nd

one I have bought after going through the one I got. So you know how much I love it.

I am a lecturer at a college so I leave for work pretty much daily in the morning in a terrible hurry. No kajal even, certainly no lipstick and often no concealer so can understand how I look. But..but..but I am tan-o-phobic! So very diligent about sunscreen. Olay total effects day cream has made my job so easy. I just smoother it on my face, apply my lip balm and go! I don’t have to worry about hydration either as I have combination skin anyway. I love love this day cream and it has really made my skin softer and even-toned.

My Night Time Skin Care Routine with Olay Total Effects:

I get home around evening looking like a chudail and I keep itching till I wash my face and change my clothes. So I wash my face again with my olay face wash which effectively takes away all dirt and grime and even removes the bit of concealer when I wear. I usually spritz rose water after this to freshen up.

Bedtime Skin Care Routine: I am too lazy to cleanse my face another time with the face wash especially in winter so usually make do with baby wipes. Then I love applying my olay serum before I apply the total effects night cream. It makes my skin softer, smoother and somehow makes it look brighter. Finally I apply the night cream with gentle upward strokes and in winter if my skin feels particularly dry, I add a few drops of almond oil to my cream and massage it in. Though I am just 25, I feel good about starting this anti-ageing journey before my fine lines and wrinkles appear.

I wake up next morning bright and fresh without my t-zone oozing oil or any new break-outs on face. Olay has made my beauty routine and life simpler! Now its your turn to tell me your skin care routine.

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  • I really thinking to try it :) and after reading your routine I think i need it badly :)

  • Loved your routine n filled with olay products... never tried them... would like to give it a try..

  • I know I know when I was in college especially when I was studying MBA, we girl students used to look at female professors and used to discuss look what was she wearing, her kurti and her bangles mismatched, too much kajal on eyes etc. etc.

  • Being in the same profession I completely know what you mean. This reminds me that I have the complete kit I should pull out now. :P

  • I have used Olay Night Cream. Liked it. Hydrating, Removed Tan and lighten my pigmentation as well.


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