Dabur Gulabari Saffron and Turmeric Cold Cream: Review, Price

Review, Price, Buy Onlinne Dabur Gulabri Saffron and Turmeric Cold Cream

By Contributor: Vidhi

Dabur is not just a skin care brand, because Dabur Hajmola and Dabur Honey is something which I have been indulging in since my childhood, I don’t know whether Dabur was in skin care during my childhood or before but Dabur fem (bleach) is another familiar range (which will be reviewed soon). So after the recent haul of Dabur Products I came across this cute little tub of moisture called the Gulabari Saffron and Turmeric Cold Cream

. Well in Mumbai one rarely needs cold creams but this winter was kind of an exception. A cold cream has multiple uses like one can use it as hand cream, foot cream, etc.

As the winters are going to end (and Mumbai mai toh khatam he hogaya hai) so you can use this cream at night over your hands and keep them moist (even in summers you can use it). So let’s begin with the review.

Dabur claims: Dabur Gulabri Saffron & Turmeric Cold Cream with rose, is enriched with natural ingredients for glowing, flawless, moisturised skin. Use Dabur Gulabri Saffron & Turmeric Cold Cream daily for healthy and radiant skin. Saffron – Traditionally known to lighten skin tone. Turmeric –with anti-blemish properties. Rose – Keeps your skin soft without leaving it oily.

Ingredients: In the picture

My Review:

Packaging: This cold cream comes in a white tub with pinkish labels over it. The gulabari tub is travel friendly and outer cover has mentioned all the ingredients and other essentials over it.

Cream: The gulabari cream comes in baby pink colour with light consistency which makes it easy to apply. What bothered me was the strong smell of this cream which itches my nose (I don’t have a sensitive nose) and stays for an hour even after application, I would prefer a mild fragrant cream which doesn’t make me sneeze. The moisture is intact for at least 3-4 hours (like nivea and ponds). What impressed me was the price at which it is available and the quality so fine.

Is it Realistic in Claims?

It’s basically a cold cream and not a beauty cream, the claims of fairness which I don’t even expect from the skin tone lightening creams, so from this is far from reality. I apply it on my hands and feet but not on my face (I can’t even imagine applying oily cold creams on my face) so it doesn’t lighten your skin tone and thus the SAFFRON claim fails.

Blemish free, okay as I didn’t apply on my face nor the weather in Mumbai allows doing so, so can’t say much about the TURMERIC part but as far as I know it would do nothing for blemishes too and why would anyone buy it for this part! It keeps my skin soft and is not greasy so the ROSE Claim works and it should work too because anyone buying a cold cream need it for the purpose of keeping their skin moist in winters.

Pros of Dabur Gulabari Saffron and Turmeric Cold Cream:

  • Economical as it is very cheap in comparison with other cold creams
  • Moisturises skin well
  • Love the colour of this cream though I am not a fan of pink colour
  • Travel friendly
  • Contains extracts of turmeric, rose and saffron
  • Available everywhere

Cons of Dabur Gulabari Saffron and Turmeric Cold Cream:

  • The smell itches your nose and makes you sneeze!
  • Makes your fingers oily after applying

Price: Rs 30 for 30ml

VNA Rating: 4/5

Final Verdict: This gulabari cold cream is budget friendly and does a great job of moisturising skin. I recommend it to everyone unless the smell of this cream bothers you like it did to me.

Have you used the Dabur Gulabari Saffron and Turmeric Cold Cream? Share your reviews with us.

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