Dabur Gulabari Rose Glow Face Cleanser: Review, How to Use

Review, Price, Buy Online Dabur Gulabari Rose Glow Face Cleanser

By Contributor: Debarati

I think there is no one who has never tried Dabur Gulabari Rose water at least once in her lifetime. I have also tried 2-3 times when I was a school going girl and I don’t know why but the formula didn’t suit me at all. I bought the rosewater for the first time, it gave rashes on my teenage skin and I stopped using it. Days passed. I again thought of giving this cute bottle a try and again it failed to suit me. I have combination to oily skin and only one rose water (from VLCC) has suited me in my life long journey with rose waters. Anyway, today I am here with a review on the new Dabur Gulabari Rose Glow Face Cleanser

. Check to know more how it fared on me.

Dabur claims: Dabur Gul abari Rose Glow Face Cleanser derives its natural goodness from abur Gulabari rose water. Its unique blend of rose extracts, cleansers and moisturizers work in three ways.

How to use gulabari rosewater: Spray Dabur Gulabari Rose Glow Face Cleanser directly on your face and gently wipe your face with a cotton ball. Spray it on a cotton ball and gently wipe your face with it.

My Review of Dabur Gulabari Face Rosewater:

Packaging: Gulabari Rose Glow Face comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a sprayer attached to the top of it. The sprayer is secured in a transparent plastic cap. But the cap is not tight enough and may easily get detached from the bottle. But the quality of the sprayer is good. Overall it comes in a eye catching packaging.

Texture, smell and color of the product: This is just liquid but comes with a rosy pink color. Smell is exactly same as the previous Dabur Gulabari Rose Water. But somehow the smell is overpowering and artificial and may cause irritations to sensitive noses.

Performance: Well I have mentioned earlier that their Rose Water didn’t suit me at all. Now I tried the face cleanser and I felt stickiness all over my face. I didn’t use it as a freshener because it claims that it is a face cleanser. I take it on a cotton ball and apply on my face after returning home from college. It cleans grime and dirt from my face but there is always some dirt left. When I use my regular cleanser after using this, there is dirt on the cotton ball. So it is clear that it is good for mild cleansing but not at all a deep pore cleanser. It also does not clean my eye make and it is quite obvious that I need an oil based cleanser for that purpose.

The rose water also feels heavy on my skin which forces me to wash my face immediate after using this . It is a nightmare for me to not clean it with water after use and apply moisturizer over it. To be honest, I always use face washes after using spray cleansers as I have oily skin and they gives me irritation. Dabur Gulabari is very good for dry skin girls. But oily skin girls would feel heavy it on their skin. Now I use the rose glow cleanser as my hand cleanser as my hand skin is dry enough to suit this and there is also no risk of any breakouts or rashes during summers. But I wouldn’t use gulabari rose glow on my face during summers as my face turns very sensitive at the time of season change.

For those who are concerned with the chemical content, let me tell you that the gulabari spray bottle contains SLS, Parabens and Dimethicone (silicon). If you shake the bottle it will form too much surfactant bubbles.

Pros of Dabur Gulabari Rose Glow Face Cleanser:

  • Catchy packaging
  • Comes with spray
  • Suitable for dry skin girls
  • Mild cleanser

Cons of Dabur Gulabari Rose Glow Face Cleanser:

  • Gives stickiness on skin after use
  • Not a deep cleanser
  • Oily skin girls would find it too heavy on their skin
  • Smell is overpowering
  • Contains parabens, SLS.

Price in India: Rs.75 for 100ml

VNA Rating: 2/5

Where to Buy Online in India:

Recommendation: I would not purchase it again as I have combination sensitive skin which turns very oily during summers. Oily skin girls should skip the rose water from gulabari. But very dry skin girls may give it a try if they want a mild cleanser during summers.

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  • Great post Debarati!
    My skincare is incomplete without rose water! I use it as toner, mix it in my facepacks, spray it for massaging cream and so on! This is one of the cheapest and easily available rose water in the market :)

  • Great detailed review. Dabur Gulabari Rose water never suited so I never went to try anything else from this brand. Skipping it totally now :)

  • Lovely review Debarati :* :* these days I love using Avene thermal water to freshen up my face

  • Loved your review.. the gulabari rose water and cleanser haven't suited me as well

  • I have tried the rose water and did not like it at all, it smelt and also felt very artificial, seems the cleanser is not good too

  • looking at that SLS content, I really want to ask here - does it work as a face wash? foams up more with water? Somehow, this looks like a face wash instead of a makeup remover...


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