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Currently Lusting

currently lusting

Uggh I’m hating everything denim these days. The very idea of covering up your skin in such clingy fabric scares me. So this summer is going to be all about shorts and skirts. So I prepared this little collage to act as a reminder whenever I need inspiration. Let’s see whats in there:

1. Striped Tshirt: goes with almost all sorts of pastel bottoms. It also reminds me of beagle boys in jail.

2. Black Pencil Mini: The shorter the better. And a wardrobe staple.

3. Flare Pastel Skirt: I’m not a fan of flares but I do want to give it a try once and see if its worth all the hype.

4. Sailor Top: Ofcourse!

5. Crop Top: Did I tell you I look up ways to wear crop tops whenever I am bored. Or did I tell you that all the work out I’ve been doing is inspired by the very need of flaunting washboard abs in crop tops? Right now I’ve a bloated belly..but I’m not giving up!

6. Neon: Dropping neon in the same sentence as summer is an old habit. And a good one.

I’ve been stalking these international shopping websites like crazy.  And on the the other side is our desi Indian shopping websites whose prices can put even the real estate sector to shame!

18 thoughts on “Currently Lusting”

  1. Stripe t-shirts are all time classics..and i love that “artist” crop top, trendy.. and so true about indian shopping websites

    xo, Hems

  2. You are soo right about the Indian shopping sites. It honestly gets on my nerves sometimes, how so much stuff seems so expensive.

    My favorite of the lot is that blush pink ‘marine’ top..it is so chic!!
    And of course the neon skirt. I love everything neon. My friends call me the neon girl because I always have atleast one piece of neon in my outfit somewhere,at least as an accessory.

  3. I like that pink skirt and white top combination. It’s a good idea to wear skirts and shorts in summer. Let’s hope the weather is good..


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