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CONTEST – Win Maybelline BB Cream (10 Winners)

In keeping with this season’s international trend to ‘GO NUDE’ with make- up, Maybelline New York introduces India’s 1st revolutionary product, the BB Cream. The hottest new skincare trend is now in India!

maybelline bb cream
The new BB cream works pretty much like a tinted moisturizer and provides just the right amount of coverage like a foundation thus resulting in a very natural, no make-up look. With all the benefits of a sun block and a moisturizer giving you a sublimely fresh, softer & richer look. Maybelline New York’s BB cream contains 8 healthy minerals which work to give 8 healthy skin results. It instantly transforms your skin by giving it a healthy glow and works on imperfections to result in an even toned, natural look and all this while taking care of your skin. It keeps skin hydrated all day long and protects with its SPF 21/PA+++ enriched formula. Perfect for daily use, now get beautiful glowing skin, which is better than your natural skin! The BB Cream comes in a compact, travel-friendly squeeze tube and is available in 3 unique shades – Nude, radiant and natural, perfect for Indian skin tones. Grab this for just Rs.199/-.
Now on to the Contest:
To win it, simply comment below and tell me which of the following 8 benefits will be most helpful for your skin and why?
– Instantly brightens
– Evens tones
– Freshens
– Mattifies
– Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++
– Conceals
– Hydrates
If your answer is convincing, I will send across this revolutionary cream to you.
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 to be eligible. What more? 10 winners will be chosen!
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You must be a resident of India to participate. Contest closes on 25th Feb 5th March.

61 thoughts on “CONTEST – Win Maybelline BB Cream (10 Winners)”

  1. woah. All 8 in 1 tube? that’s like super awesome…..nstantly brightens, Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++, Conceals & Hydrates…difficult to choose what i like best……..bt i will go wid ” freshens nd hydrate ” coz……….
    wtevr u do either go to parlour or do a lod of home made beauty stuff, until nd unless u don look fresh nthng will help u to look good in ur life :)

  2. Being a college student with a heavy workload, I often stay up late at night and that has left my skin uneven, and with dark undereye circles, so obviously, the evening skin tone and concealing properties are the ones i’m looking for. And of course, ‘instant brightness’ and ‘freshness’ will help with that! SPF and hydration? Of course, its the most important part!
    yvettezuppiger (at) gmail (dot) com

  3. i would like to have an even skin tone plus protection with SPF 21 AND PA+++. Plus its a huge bonus with all these features mentioned above

  4. wowww! Every working woman is surely feel it as a blessed gift! Thanx Malini fr introducing me to this product and Thanx maybelline!
    Being a Teacher by profession, the most benefical factors for me would be-
    1) Instant Brightens
    2) Freshens
    As I dont get much time, I have to get my kids also ready for school and do the needful at home before leaving so this product will surely do wonders.
    subscribed Email id- harsha.kungwani@yahoo.com

  5. Maybelline BB cream would be beneficial for me because I have a normal skin and I dont like to apply many products on my face. So it would prove to be an all in one cream which would help brighten and freshen up my skin and also protect it from the sunlight with its SPF 21 and PA+++ benefits.

  6. hello..i have already subscribed u via e mail..following u :).

    the benefits which i think wil be most helpful are,that it wil instantly brighten my face and give me a fresh look!!!it would give a ‘no foundation yet dewy look’.. thats wat i love abt it :)

  7. The benefits that would most help my skin are:Conceals- my skin is not much problematic,but it is important for me to have a perfect teint,and i reach this result even with a bit of concealer
    Instantly brightens- It’s enough that a cream brightens my skin to make me appear perfect,so i’m searching always for this benefit in a cream
    FB: sonia brandolone
    MAIL: s.brandolone@libero.it
    GFC: s.brandolone
    we hope

  8. Hydrates:
    Skin should be well hydrated first of all because dry skin
    causes dullness which leads to lifeless skin appearance. Thus, only
    hydrated skin can be even toned, bright and instantly glowing! Our skin
    need to be well hydrated and moisturized in all the seasons, especially
    in dry winters, to prevent dryness and tightness. Our skin craves for
    nourishment and hydration provides nourishment to the skin. Thus your
    skin becomes smoother, bright and fresh all time :) Without hydration,
    nothing can bring glow to our skin naturally. A moisturizer with Good
    SPF which hydrates skin and provides moisture would be my first and best
    choice :)
    Hydrated skin looks healthy, soft, glowing and beautiful!! Hence, Hydrates is most helpful in my point of view.

    Thank you!

    My Email Id: makeupandbeautytips@gmail.com

  9. I am impressed that a single product is so multibeneficial for our skin.The most important skin concern for me is achieving ‘Even Skin tone’ This is what I always want from a foundation too.Due to my carelessness during teenage time,my skin has got several freckle spots and uneven skin tone.So I think this revolutionary product is the solution to all my skin concerns.

  10. I am really looking forward to win and try Maybelline BB cream because I have big pimples on my face which really looks bad and I have a sensitive skin. This cream can conceal my pimples, Make it smooth and it also has SPF in it which would protect my skin from the harsh sun rays and will give an instant brightness on my skin which i need the most because of the huge pimples on my face I have some scars which are real dark and thus, will even my skin tone.

  11. I’d like to try Maybelline BB Cream because I have a normal skin but I have a smooth olivefaced guy that i should like to enlighten and some shadows to cover. It would be perfect for me!
    GFC: floryfrancy
    FB: Florinda Fraccalvieri
    E-MAIL: floryfrancy@inwind.it

  12. its like almost impossible to look super good all the time when u r in college 9 to 5(in my case):)
    but if the BB cream has so many benefits i would go for-
    1-Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++ –
    coZ i am doing mechanical engineering,we are required to go to a lot of industries n stuff,i need a sun protecting cream always.i am out in the sun when most girls avoid going outdoors..no relief *sigh
    Conceals –
    i have this really oily t area and the whole face throughout too.so a lot many times a small pimple may break out,so a concealer would act like a swish of a fairy’s wand for my face!!

    PS:i wouldn’t mind the rest of the benefits too :P

  13. I travel a lot everyday, which means more exposure to pollutants and I have huge pores which we all know is a big time sucker of dirt and pollutants. For this reason, I tend to wash my face more often each day which eventually makes my skin dry, stretchy and lifeless! If this BB cream can smoothen my skin and hydrates it enough I will be more than grateful :)

  14. Evening out the skin tone would be the most beneficial for me as I do have hyper pigmentation around my mouth and being working professional I would like to look good in office without using lots of foundations so this would be the best bet! thank you for the opportunity and i have already subscribed to your blog through email long time back :)

  15. I’ve been using makeup for 2 years now but still haven’t found anything that would make my makeup look natural while concealing the darkcircle area. The BB cream is perfect for me not just because it moisturizes (which I completely require because of my dry skin) but also conceals and evens tones (finally!)


  16. hi there. .want to join.. :)

    Conceals because I have dark undereyes and I have so many marks left on my skin.. T___T

    I want to experience this.. Thanks!


  17. Now this is a something which I call it as a Boon which I wish to get very soon!!!!
    I am an computer engg student so for me the most beneficial of all its benefits is “Freshens” and “Conceals” as working with computers whole day makes my skin go dull sumtimes also I need to keep up with my beauty along with Computer’s programs!! Its totally efficient product just like the CPU!! :P

  18. I have two basic skin problems.. Tanning and Hydration!!! I can’t choose one.. plzzz.. u can choose any :D
    Tanning- Once I sat down for a rally to help a friend.. I was out there for nearly an hour in sun at 2pm n I got a TERRIBLE SUNBURN.. my friends couldn’t recognize me… I cried-like literally.. I had never seen myself dat way..
    Hydration- Wen I don’t have time or at odd times my skin tends to turn a bit white and flaky..
    So now u might have guessed, I have a very sensitive skin.. towards sun!!!! So Maybelline’s BB cream would do wonders for my skin for sure.. cos I have used 2-3 products of this brand in past and it hasn’t caused any irritation etc. touchwood :D
    so yeaaa :D

    email id: akanksha.chawla13@gmail.com

    Come visit my Surprise 3: Blog sale

  19. ah well dis is just wat my skin wants..

    mattifying: i soo need it to matify my skn as it tends to get oily.. :(

    even tone: who doesn’t want an even toned skin??!!

    face brightning & freshening are always a treat!!

    it has spf so no need to put up another sunscreen!!

    it conceals!!! i need it to conceal my acne scars :(

    gfc: kanika

  20. I always wanted a something that instantly brightens, freshens & Hydrates my skin, an SPF content in that would be a value addition for me. SO far i have never came acroos such product. But i am so excited to try out the Maybelline BB Cream as it does what all i require for my skin!! and what more can i ask for!!! :)

  21. That would be ‘freshens’ ! University, public transport, late nights, all leave my skin looking a bit dull…it tends to become oily and I’ve been noticing tiny breakouts around my chin…eeks ! This sounds like a dream product with its ability to conceal, protect from sun, mattify and brighten.

  22. bb cream is a revolution for all makeup lovers..i have used it rather using it..n i find it pretty flawless..!
    My pick would be..
    – Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++ cos i dont need to fear my skin gettin damaged by the harmful rays of sun and moreover
    this product covers all the aspects which is essential for our skin
    email id:synthia.dey8@gmail.com

  23. I would love to keep my face makeup free but at the same time looking flawless, hydrated, fresh and bright and my sunscreen makes my face bleed oil. I desperately need one which will keep the oil in check and doesn’t make my face dull!!!

  24. Maybelline BB cream’s hydrating and freshening benefits would be really helpful for me as I have dry skin type so it would moisturize my skin well. Also, I work in IT Industry which involves long working hours, high work pressure, sometimes sleepless nights, working on weekends at times which has impacted my skin a lot. My skin has started looking dull, has lost it’s shine and most of the times I receive comments from people around me that I look as if I am sick :( And this is all because of my hectic schedule that I am not able to take care of my skin the way I should be doing. Since, BB cream claims to keep your skin fresh, it would be highly beneficial for me as I have to attend daily meetings with client where I am supposed to look fresh and energetic to present myself good and give my best shot, sometimes have to go to get-togethers, parties or functions straight after work without taking a break and relaxing in between. But the best part about the cream which attracts me is it’s offering not just 1, 2 or 3 but 8 good benefits which means I need not run to the market everytime to purchase different products for the kind of results I want my skin to show, but just have BB cream in my kitty, sit back and relax :)

    My Email: achiever_838@yahoo.com
    FB: suneha bhatia

  25. The concealer will be most beneficial to me because I use a gel to clear up my acne and I don’t want to negate its affects by using foundation, powder, etc. A BB cream sounds amazing because it’s like a tinted moisturiser and I’ll be able to use it without (hopefully!) ruining the acne cream’s results.

  26. Actually I am not a fan of layering it up to make my skin look even, I prefer keeping it natural as much as possible. But there are days when the dark circles are a bit too dark or the zit discoloration stays longer than wanted, is when I succumb to fishing out the concealer.

    Maybelline BB Cream on the other hand, is a tinted moisturizer which fits in perfectly with my down-to-earth skin needs. And it promises to do more than that, I certainly am looking forward to sun protection, hydration and concealing all with the same product! :)

  27. Actually,I am not a fan of layering it up to make my skin look even, I prefer keeping it natural as much as possible. But there are days when the dark circles are a bit too dark or the zit discoloration stays longer than wanted, is when I succumb to fishing out the concealer.

    Maybelline BB Cream on the other hand, is a tinted mosturizer which fits in perfectly with my down-to-earth skin needs. And it promises to do more than that, I certainly am looking forward to sun protection, hydration and concealing all with the same product! :)

    email id-mailtorajvinder@rediffmail.com

    fb name-Rajvinder kaur

  28. I feel so excited. I just cant wait to try the Maybelline BB cream..I have been suffering from a dull complexion and uneven skin tone..I have tried various creams, foundations and concoctions (lol) but nothing has ever worked. When I read about the BB cream, that it not only brightens up the face but also hydrates, conceals and smooths out imperfections, I instantly knew it was meant for me..Its high time my face finds the glow its been longing for..

  29. I would prefer even tones, freshness and smooth skin texture.

    – because my sensitive skin makes my face patchy and I am constantly on a look out of some nice tinted moisturizer/cream that could help me with this problem.


  30. – Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++ – is my skin will get protectmthen definately will bright ,will look fresh and other things ,so first get protected

  31. All the 8 benefits are equally beneficial. For me its “Hydrates” & “Evens tones” benefits are more important, as im having a dry skin. So it’ll give me a flawless glow while Hydrating my skin from within :-)

  32. All the 8 benefits are equally beneficial. For me its “Hydrates” & “Evens tones” benefits are more important, as im having a dry skin. So it’ll give me a flawless glow while hydrating it from within :-)

  33. All the 8 benefits are equally beneficial. For me its “Hydrates” & Evens tones” benefits are more important, as im having a dry skin. So it’ll give me a flawless glow while hydrating it from within :-)

  34. I feel my young 20 year old skin does not need layers of heavy coverage foundation,the light weight and light coverage Maybelline BB Cream is the perfect quick one step morning option with the added benefit of SPF .Moreover it will provide the right amount of moisture and hydration to my dry flaky skin all year round and especially this winter!

  35. I’ll choose “Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++” because my skin is very sensitive, baby like :) and whenever I step out in the sun even after applying a Sunscreen and a Sunblock, my skin suffers from sunburn and goes red therefore I would like to give Maybelline BB Cream a try as I’ve heard loads of praises about it and the remaining 7 benefits will be an icing on the cake :D..
    hope to be among the lucky chosen 10 :)

  36. Even skin tone..Its a must for a foundation..After all Y do v buy a foundation/tinted moisturiser/mousse/bb cream etc.
    And I love the way Maybelline bb cream gives a fresh, even skin tone with a nice glow! :))
    Hoping to WIN this one :)

  37. Will love to have all the 8 benefits in one cream. As they say all great things come in small packages. Its impossible to choose one out of these 8 benefits. For me all are beneficial for a healthy and glowing skin :-))

  38. which of the following 8 benefits will be most helpful for my skin

    – Freshens
    – Mattifies
    – Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++
    – Conceals
    – Hydrates
    need the above 5 because i go out for work so need to look best all the time during any meeting have to look fresh and attentive ,it is helpful bcoz it helps to hide those blemishes and Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++ so wont have to worry abt getting a tan :)
    following you on fb – onew dubu(bhavna)

    -bhavna pande

  39. I need Smoothness for my skin. :(
    And i need it soon! my Hub says he married me for my beautiful skin, but currently i lost all lusture and smoothness cz of swim tan. I just love swimming and could not stop myself even when summers started setting in. In Indore summer days are harsh, and chlorine water did not help. Now i Feel Ugly! :(
    So the BB cream be like a magic from fairy god mother to me right now :)

  40. Subs. by E-Mail: thozhi.mitr.friend@gmail.com.
    My Answer: Being a constant traveler, and a lady with a bike, I don’t find much time to wear make up on a daily basis. Also being out in sun always, tans my skin so badly. So, I end up wearing a skin creme, sunscreen & loose powder on top on it everyday which literally irritates me, in the busy time schedule. Maybelline BB Creme would be a huge boon for me, coz I finish of the work in one-third the time!!! Isn’t that amazing? Plus that single pack is enough for me to carry around in my bag. Whenever I wash my face anywhere, a layer of this Maybelline BB Creme would be enough, and again I would be ready to kick-start my bike!!!

  41. Hi,
    Instantly brightens- I need this to brighten up my dull skin.
    Evens tones- I suffer from pigmentation so this will help.
    Freshens- With summers coming I would love to look fresh all day long.
    Protects with SPF 21/ PA+++- Sun protection is must for all
    Conceals- This is very important to hide my flaws and reveal beautiful skin.
    Hydrates- I have normal skin and this is a must for me.

    I have already subbed for email updates.
    email- indgallovesshopping@gmail.com

  42. Hi Anshita! I’ve composed a poem as my answer. Here goes:

    This cream looks so cute and girly,
    With all the goodness to make you lovely.
    Its moisturiser, foundation and concealer all in one
    It even gives you protection from the sun.
    Take it with you wherever you go,
    Using it will give you an instant glow.
    I really really wanna win this cream
    Coz having an even skin tone has always been a dream.

    So yup..I guess of all the benefits I’m most impressed by the even skin tone claim.

    Hope you like my silly poem. *hoping to win this*

  43. i’d luvvvvv tp hav the maybelline BB cream coz its simply the perfect product i the market in today’s date..n moreover its jst perfect for the indian skin,skintone and weather…
    another plus point is that it looks soo natural on application…n does not make the skin look goddy…its not heavy on the skin….
    the maybelline BB cream is perfect not only for me bt for anyone who wants a flawless n perfect skin:):):)

  44. Wow FRESHENS? That sounds like an awesome option for a makeup product! This word attracted me to this product, apart from its catchy name. Maybelline has always been my favourite make up brand and all their products are amazing, so I’m pretty sure this is nothing short. I do definitely want to try this product since it’s the first of this kind that I’ll be using. I really think it’ll help my skin since it’s all the stuff I would expect from a ” Blemish Balm” Plus of course.. Freshness! Which I, for sure want :)

    Thanks a lot for this opportunity. I recently came across your blog and I love it! Keep it up :)

  45. I think all 8 would be beneficial but the most important for me would be to conceal without drying or breaking me out. I hope I win it and can give it a try :)

  46. I really want to have glowing skin like anything. If i win the contest, I would be the luckiest one. I really want to have mind blowing skin. All the above 8 benefits will suit my skin. Hoping………………………………………………………………………….. the best for me


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