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Colors Screen Awards 2012: Best Dressed, Worst Dressed, Makeup and more

Last night I was watching the Colors Screen Awards 2012 and after a long long time I wanted to do a best and worst dressed kind of post. I chose to give the 2012 Golden Globes a miss since nothing excited me but since this one was closer home and had this desi flavor to it, I had to write one!

So here goes nothing!
colors deepika padukone
Deepika Padukone colors screen awards
Deepika Padukone was the show stopper in the Gauri & Nainika ruffled teal gown with an open back. She looked every inch gorgeous. And that fishtail braid stole my heart!
colors awards asin 2012
Asin Colors Screen Awards
Asin in an off shoulder white gown, red lips, side swept locks. The whole look makes her look classy though I feel its a replica of one of Sonam Kapoor’s public appearances.
colors awards mughda godse
Mughda Godse colors awards
Mughda Godse looks like some greek god in that one shoulder white gown..Zeus?! Though I’m liking the stone studded statement necklace.
Her Makeup:
mughda godse screen awards
Mughda Godse makeup
priyanka chopra colors awards
Priyanka Chopra Screen Awards
Priyanka Chopra in Manish Malhotra sari. I love that she went for the sequins which are really big right now. I’m liking the whole look even though I feel I’ve seen variations of it before.
priyanka chopra fashion
Priyanka Chopra fashion
Makeup: mocha brown lips, smoked eyes and lots of highlighter and bronzer
anushka sharma colors awards
Anushka Sharma Colors Awards
Anushka chose a gorgeous maroon wine-red Bibhu Mohapatra gown paired with jewellery by Anmol. Her look had this spunk factor to it which she is usually portrayed with nowadays
anushka sharma colors awards
Anushka Sharma makeup
Makeup: Heavily smoked out eyes and nude lips. Her makeup was done by Punnet Saini using nothing but MAC. For the full break down of her makeup, check this. Though I’m liking her makeup but I think the artist took it too far by lining the lower lashline this heavily. It turns out to be more gothic and less sultry.
katrina kaif pink saree
Katrina Kaif colors awards 2012
Katrina Kaif in a gulabi pink sari. I don’t know but this lady never fails to bore me. Now I think I’m allergic to her.
chitrangada colors screen awards
Chitrangada Singh colors screen awards 2012
What the hell were you thinking Chitrangada? I adore her style and the makeup she sports but this whole look is wrong starting from head to toe. Chitrangada, pink lips and blushes are not your territory. Leave them to Kareena. You look a billion bucks in those bronzed cheeks and nude lips.
ameesha patel dress
Amisha Patel colors awards

Ameesha Patel in a strapless peach gown and her big cleavage..wait I can’t even call that cleavage. Turn off.

kalki koechlin colors awards
Kalki Koechlin colors awards 2012
Kalki Koechlin in a black gown and umm…hair? What has she done with her hair! Okay I’m here managing to take my eyes off her hair and concentrate better on that black thing which she wore as a gown.
kalki koechlin hair
Kalki Koechlin colors awards 2012
Hair..up close and personal :P
vidya balan dirty picture
Vidya Balan 2012
Vidya Balan once again manages to look like some 5th grade hindi teacher. I expected too see some change after she started proclaiming “I’m entertainment” but No she had to do done that hindi teacher avatar again. May be she wants to be the next Rekha? Look they have even started looking identical!
rekha kanjivaram saree
Vidya and Rekha sari kanjivaram
sonali bendre awards 2012
Sonali Bendre saree back
I usually love how Sonali Bendre dresses and does her hair. But not this time.
sonal chauhan dress
Sonal Chauhan dress 2012
Sonal Chauhan: I understand that the bling is really in but there is a proper way to wear such things which she very confidently chose to ignore. I can’t even in my dreams imagine to go on a red carpet like that!
Shazahn Padamsee
Shazahn Padamsee gown
Shazahn Padamsee: Okay its boring to right all that bad stuff and I will sleep any moment now. Yawn. By the way I love ombre gowns…but ahem..this?!
ekta kapoor tv
Ekta Kapoor
Ekta Kapoor stole the show in that lehenga choli and clown cheeks. It was not a wedding you were going to Ekta. And even in the weddings, nobody dresses like that these days. And that lanchha itself is ugly.
Who stole the show according to you? For me, it was Deepika Padukone in that teal back-less gown and fishtail hair. By the way that reminds me I was going to do a tutorial on fishtail braid but somehow forgot! Will do one soon now.
katrina shah rukh
Katrina Kaif and Shah Rukh Khan

16 thoughts on “Colors Screen Awards 2012: Best Dressed, Worst Dressed, Makeup and more”

  1. whoa!!! Deepika looks soo HOT!!!!for me the worst dressed was SOnal Chauhan :( downright tacky :P

  2. I enjoy such posts. Hey Amisha rocks the color and looks fresh but yes her so-called cleavage is the QUESTION always!!

    I like Chitrangda and kind off always partial to her. But I am with you on the dress.

    I really thank Ekta for doing this which is OTT though. but do you remember her ol’ looks. it’s better than that… any day.

    Sonal looked lovely in the awards but her gown is BLING-O-Bling.

    Keep doing such posts. :)

  3. wht happened to these ladies…for me none of them wins…some of them picked up clothes n accessories from the wardrobe b closing the eyes n the rest of the them thought tht “why dress well all the time” for ex- katrina..wht the heck happened to her…but i did like priyanka in the 2nd pic..may be coz of her makeup n satin blouse…anushka is kinda ok…shud have added accessories r done something better to the dress..but i luv her hairstyle(one of my favs ;) )n luv the heavily done eye makeup..suits the dress…

  4. Honestly none of the girls rocked any of the looks, Deepika’s fishtail hairdo was the saving grace, Ameesha & Deepika chose good colors to wear but the styling of the outfit let them down. Sonal & Shahzan are blingy & blinding in their trashy outfits, as for Ekta I’m just glad she is out of the shapeless black sack she usually wears so even this jhatka lehanga is fine for me!!


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