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Coloressence HD High Definition Foundation Hdf5: Review and Swatches


Review, Swatches and Price of Coloressence High Definition Foundation in shade Hdf5

By Contributor: Vaidehee

Hey you guys! So for my first ever review here on VNA , I’ll be typing up a review on one of my favorite not-so-popular drugstore brands, Coloressence. They have an entire range dedicated to HD Makeup base products that I convinced myself i “NEEDED to buy” (ever have those shopaholic days?) and spoiler alert! It is amaze beans! I am talking of the High Definition Foundation by Coloressence which I will review and swatch today in shade HDF 5.


My Review:

Price: The Coloressence HD Foudation retails at Rs.590, which i admit is on the higher end of the spectrum of drugstore brands. Ah! my gujju self just had an Angina when i got the reciept!

Packaging: The foundation comes in a really lovely bottle, all equipped with a fancy pump. This was a relief after the disastrous packaging that street wear did with their foundation! It sounds and looks slightly like the youtube-guru favorite Makeup Forever HD Foundation.

Fragrance : It smells slightly citrus-ey , and a whole lot like the typical lakme scent . So if you have a sensitive sniffer, this might not be your thing since the fragrance is quite strong. After a while though, it’ll subside . Hallelujah!


Pigmentation: Since this is an HD Foundation, the pigmentation is expected to be bang-on dense , and thank the foundation gods! It really does have a lovely rich pigmentation to it, and doesn’t oxidise on your skin (like the street wear colour rich foundation , such a bummer that was!).  They have this available in a wide range of colours , from extremely fair to deeply dusky, they also thankfully have both pink and yellow undertoned varieties, unlike the pink-ghastly lakme foundations at the drugstore! The shade I picked out was HDf- 5, which sadly was a little too dark for my skin , it’s a very neutral-yellow undertoned foundation in a slightly deep shade (with no hints of orange thank god!) , but i can always make it work with a lighter cream foundation blended in.

Consistency : The consistency of the foundation is slightly whipped , and not very runny. It’s very easily blendable with a sponge , and goes on really well with a brush as well. I have noticed though, that with a stipling brush, it does have a LOT more coverage to it.

Coverage : The coverage is somewhere between medium to full, depending on how much you use, and how you blend it out. Fair warning though chicas! It will look a little cakey if you layer it on, and pastry isn’t really a good look for anyone! So Beware! Although, if you give it some time to set though, it balances itself out. Nothing to worry about there.


Finish: The finish is very very matte , once it sets. So this isn’t something people with dry skin would really prefer. Since , when you put it on chapped dry skin, it does tend to flake. (That’s how it is with most matte finish foundations. So moisturize and prime!)  I personally love using this sheered out with the garnier BB Cream , about half a pump of each, so that the finish is dewy and the coverage is medium.

Longevity: This is a very very long wear foundation. If you have moisturizer on when you apply it , and you set it with translucent powder once it’s settled, It does stay on for pretty much the whole day. But you might have to powder your T-zone , because i have noticed that getting shiny in the bloody hot indian weather. (Seriously, where’s my winter after 10 AM?)


What I loved about Coloressence High Definition Foundation:

  • Perfect for oily to combination skin.
  • The price compared to the quantity and quality is reasonable.
  • The packaging is lovely.
  • The texture is very blendable.
  • It’s pretty long wear .
  • It’s supposed to have SPF 20.
  • The range has a whole lot of colours to match just about anyone.

What I hated about Coloressence HD Foundation:

  • It did feel kind of heavy on the skin until in settled in.
  • The shade didn’t match me, thanks to the weird store lighting.
  • It’s not that great for people with dry skin.


Price: Rs.590

VNA Rating: 4/5

VERDICT? Abolutely amazing stuff. Worth a try. I would pick this over the Lakme Absolute range any day, which FYI, was pricier!

Have you tried Coloressence High Definition Foundation? Share your views with us.

12 thoughts on “Coloressence HD High Definition Foundation Hdf5: Review and Swatches”

  1. I badly need a warm toned foundation for my dusky skin. Can’t find one in India :( Will definitely check this out. Thanks for the review Vaidehee!

  2. Fair warning to anyone who is trying this out. Use a wet sponge to sheer it out , or a buffing brush to blend it in with the bang on coverage. This is heavy duty stuff. No fingers allowed!

    • Swathi , I Love your posts! :)

      p.s if you do happen to get it, so a shade lighter, they generally run a little darker.

    • Mounisha, im pretty sure you can get it online at jabong, they always have it in stock. (just go a shade lighter than you normally would, they tend to run slightly darker)
      and any store that carries Nature’s essence products.

    • Aw well! Sucks for my gujju self ! i looked for them online for so long! Never found them on sale.
      Sure you’re not referring to the regular base though? cause the HD Line does tend to run slightly more expensive.
      :) So glad other people out there love this stuff as much as i do!

  3. Mounisha, im pretty sure you can get it online at jabong, they always have it in stock. (just go a shade lighter than you normally would, they tend to run slightly darker)
    and any store that carries Nature’s essence products.


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