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Coloressence Compact Powder CP3 Beige: Review and Swatches


Review, Swatches and Price of Coloressence Compact Powder

By Contributor: Vaidehee

Hey you guys! So a while ago, I went shopping for some new makeup to try, and I found the colouressence range, and needless to say, i went a “little” nuts and bought a whole lot of stuff. So, today, in lieu of my shop-a-holic ways, here’s the review and swatches on the Coloressence HD Mineral F ace Compact Powder (Shade no CP-3, beige)


My Review:

Price : The coloressence HD Mineral Face compact retail at just Rs 125 , which is super affordable. Although the prices might have been revised recently online.

Packaging: It comes in a flip open case. The first lid opens up to show the compact, the second opens up to show the handy little mirror and the utterly useless puff that it comes with(which i lost, so sorry you guys) . Oddly, i didn’t know about the second lid until a few days into using it. *Retard Moment*  It’s a nice sturdy case, and looks really chic and cute! (Side note here, the puff was a great dupe for the velour puffs  , i.e until my kaam waali lost it. )

Fragrance: It smells wonderful, like unicorn farts, although it’s not overpowering once you have it on. So that’s nothing to worry about if you’re fussy about fragrances.



The pigmentation does show up really dense when you swatch it on your hand, but when you go ahead and apply it onto your face with either the puff provided or a brush, it sheers out, thankfully because let’s be real, nobody w ants a cakey face! Pastry is not the look i strive to achieve. Also, the reason i love colouressence is because the original range (and i say this specifically because the stores don’t carry the entire extensive range) has shades from ivory to deeply dusky, with both yellow and pink undertones, and everything in between. So if you do happen to be a slightly dusky, the shades will match you !  P.s the shade i happened to get , beige, was slightly darker than my skin and more yellow undertoned than my general complexion , but that was nothing to worry about thankfully, since it ended up blending in.

Coverage :

This is supposed to give you high coverage, or at least that’s what the product claims, however, obviously, a powder doesn’t do well on the coverage part, ever. However, once applied it does give you a much more even skin tone and light coverage. It also mattifies your face almost and keeps it oil free and shine free for hours.I use this to set foundations and dewy BB Creams through the summer , and it works just fine.



It stays on for a decent 5 hours and keeps your oil free, after which you could swirl some on to re-touch it. But that could just be because in summers (when i do happen to use this stuff) , i’m insanely oily and get shiny easily.  I’m sure if your skin is somewhat less oily than mine is, it stays on much better. (My best friend will swear to it)

Application of Coloressence Compact Powder:

I find it easier to apply it with my Vega blush brush when i’m shiny, because i don’t look for coverage when it comes to this stuff. However, the puff does work well and builds up the product to give you higher coverage (and if you have foundation on, applying it with a puff won’t displace the product as much as a brush will)  . You know how some powders do end up looking obvious and cakey if you try to layer them on? Not this stuff! When they say it’s HD, they mean it. It doesn’t settle into fine lines, it blends in like a dream, and keeps you shine free.

What i hate about Coloressence Compact Powder CP3 Beige:

This was a tough one to figure out. But perhaps, the coverage could have been slightly higher , at par to the claims of the product perhaps?  But that’s about it. Everything about it, considering the price range, is utterly amaze-beans.


Price: Rs.125

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

VERDICT? Considering the price and the quality, this is a product worth picking up, and yes i know i’ve raved about this a whole lot! But it’s one of my favorite products, and has been for over a year. Not exaggerating here!

11 thoughts on “Coloressence Compact Powder CP3 Beige: Review and Swatches”

  1. i had used this one in summers…i could see orange colored sweat rolling down my face when i used this! *screams* not made for oily skinned beauties.

      • nope i dont find any change in the formula.. pretty much the same thing.. maybe the amount of oil produced by our skin differs and hence it might have suited you

  2. yeah. This stuff is like perfume, smell’s different on just about everyone.
    I got lucky i guess with this stuff working out for me. (Insanely budget friendly. The gujju side is o’gasming!)
    sorry it didn’t work out for you hun! Though, Just another reason to get the MAC studio fix! :D


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