Coloressence Blusher Peach SH 2: Review and Swatches

Review, Swatches and Price of Coloressence Blusher Peach SH 2

By Contributor: Vaidehee

Hey you guys! So in my series of coloressence products reviews, the next up impulse-buy I wanted to review and swatch was the coloressence Blush in peach (Sh-2) . If you do happen to read my posts on VNA, you’d know, anything shimmery is repellent to me! In my world, everything would be matte and flat. So in an effort to branch out , I decided to pick up this blush , and surprise surprise I ended up loving it!

Coloressence Blusher SH 2

My Review:

Packaging: It comes in a very chic black plastic pot, with a see through top! It’s pretty, non-messy, functional , all in all, great packaging.

Pigment and consistency:

Im used to reaching for matte and cream blushes, so this was uncharted territory for me, but since New year’s  is coming up i wanted to stop being a wimp and get a shimmery blush. The pigment is really dense, but ends up sheering out on your face, which in a blush, is always a good thing, unless you’re going for the clown-esque vibe . Also, it’s bloody iridescent so you might not want to put too much on.  Now , the texture itself is a little powdery, slightly more on the eye shadow side in terms of consistency. Which i guess, might bother some people who are used to cream finishes perhaps?

Coloressence Blush swatch


They have 3 variants of this online, brown , a rosey-pink, and a gold toned-peach shade, i got the peach (Sh-2), because peach is slightly more universal, and looks oh-so- gorgeous with olive indian skin tones. It’s something that looks great on just about everyone. It’s a very warm colour, which ends up slightly bronzing

you up. (So no way in hell should you ever mix this with cool toned makeup! )

Staying power:

In general, powder blushes don’t have a great track record with their staying power.This isn’t an exception, it stays on for about 3 hours to 4 hours, which is pretty average. It’s just the way that the texture is formulated. If you want powder blushes to last longer , apply a dense moisturizer first, and then go over it with the blush.

Coloressence Blusher review

Things I Loved about Coloressence Blusher Peach SH 2:

  • The shimmer in it gives a lovely illuminated finish and flash- photographs beautifully, which is perfect for the festive season. (New years, anyone?)
  • The pigmentation is pretty good. You don’t need a whole lot to get some colour going! (Unlike the maybelline cheeky glow)
  • The packaging is lovely. Coloresence packaging reminds me of MAC for some reason!
  • The price is rock-bottom reasonable!
  • It looks great as an eye shadow. There’s No creasing,  It Lasts a long time as an eye shadow topper, and it’s beautifuly iridescent.

Things I Hated about Coloressence Blusher Peach SH 2:

  • It’s a powder blush, so the staying power isn’t as great. That goes for most powder blushes though.
  • The consistency is a little too powdery for my liking, it’s almost like an eye shadow. I’m a little too used to cream blushes.
Coloressence Peach blush

Price: Rs.220 if you buy online, ofcourse, there’s almost always a discount. Considering blushes retail from around 500 bucks – 700 bucks at the drugstore (with the exception of maybelline cheeky glow) , this was a bargain!

VNA Rating: 4/5

VERDICT? I do love this range to death, but if you’re not into powder blushes, and you want something that lasts a whole while, looking elsewhere might be a better idea. Although, as for me, for an everyday thing, considering the price and the fact that i’m a typical gujju , i will stick with the coloressence Blushes.

Have you tried Coloressence Blusher Peach SH 2? Share your reviews with us.

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