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Colorbar Skin Stay The Day Finishing Mist: Review, How to Use


Review, Swatches, How to Use, Price, Buy Online Colorbar Stay the Day Finishing Mist

By Contributor: Nikanshi

I want to thank all you lovely ladies for your sweet comments on my review for the Maybelline go graffiti nail polishes, it really made my day. Today I’ll review and swatch the Colorbar Stay the Day Finishing Mist. We love makeup even though we struggle with it a lot. Sometimes we don’t get the right finish, or our makeup just disappears when we reach our destination. My heart breaks every time that happens. One more issue I face is when I am in a hurry and my foundation looks really patchy and caked up. And in winters no matter how carefully I blend my makeup those dry patches ruin the whole look.

I researched a lot to find a solution for all these problems and came across the species setting sprays, these are supposed to lock your makeup in place and take care of the caked up look. I knew Mac has the fix+ setting spray, but being a newbie with makeup I wasn’t ready to go mac yet. So finally I found this Colorbar Stay the Day Finishing Mist which is a dupe for the Mac fix+ spray

. Let’s see was it able to keep my makeup happy and fresh or not.

Colorbar Claims: A toner that keeps your skin hydrated, refreshed and calm. And a hydrating mist that sets and refreshes your favourite makeup to make it last longer. Energized with ‘Witch Hazel Water’ this product has anti-bacterial properties.


My Review of Colorbar Face Mist:

I bought this facial mist in winters when I had really dry skin and even bb creams looked patchy on my skin. It took care of the patchiness whether I applied bb cream or a matte foundation. My makeup stayed on up to 12 hours. And the best part is it gave a beautiful dewy finish to my skin like it has a natural glow (dewy look was in trend this winter :D). Even on the days I wasn’t wearing any makeup I used it on my face after applying my moisturizer and it took care of the dry patches and made my skin soft.

Then came summer and if you live in Delhi, you know how unforgiving Delhi’s summer is. My skin changes itself according to the season.From dry it became combination (come July and I’ll have super oily skin). And though I am a powder person in summers I wanted to know whether it’ll stand the heat test. It worked but not as efficiently as in winters. After six hours my makeup started fading away, but it still looked even and there wasn’t any patchiness. But my makeup stayed in place the whole day when I kept reapplying it every three hours or so.

Apart from setting your makeup you can use the colorbar setting mist to:

  • Dampen your makeup brushes for an even application.
  • As a primer.
  • As a highlighter. Even if you want the rest of your face matte you can still use it as a highlighter just dampen a contouring or blush brush with the mist and swirl it around the areas you want to highlight.
  • As a refreshing face mist. It immediately calms my skin and leaves it soft and glowing.

Packaging: Colorbar Stay the Day Mist comes in a pearly white bottle with a silver cap. It has a spray nozzle to dispense the product which works fine. The cap can come off very easily so make sure you hear the ‘click’ sound when you close it.

Texture:The texture is almost like water. It’s very light, dries quickly and it doesn’t make me look greasy at all. It sets in to a nice dewy finish.

Application: The spray dispenses just the right amount. My face doesn’t get drenched with the mist. It gives you control of how much product you want to use. I think that 2-3 pumps are enough to cover the entire face and neck.


Pros of Colorbar Stay the Day Finishing Mist:

  • A Holy Grail product for people who have dry skin and want their makeup to look nice and even.
  • Makes makeup lasts up to 12 hours.
  • Gives a nice dewy finish.
  • Great savior for the days when you mess up the blending.
  • Easy to carry around, the bottle is very light. Just make sure you close the cap properly.
  • Multi-purpose product.
  • Works for dry as well as oily skin.

Cons of Colorbar Stay the Day Finishing Mist:

  • Not for people who love the matte look.
  • Need to reapply it during summers.


Price in India: Rs.850 for 100ml

VNA Rating: 4.5/5

Where to Buy Online in India: flipkart.com

Final word: If you have dry skin and love makeup you have to buy it. I highly recommend this product, it’s a little pricy but I think it’s worth it. This is my second bottle I gave the first one to my aunt to try even she loved it. I’ll love to try other finishing mists if any brand launches them in India, otherwise I’ll definitely repurchase it.

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