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Colorbar New Launches Collective Swatches: Lipsticks, Lipglosss

colorbar swatches
Colorbar new launches collective swatches

I was passing by a Colorbar store yesterday and saw loads of new tubes and bottles on display. Obviously I HAD to check what it all was and those were the new Colorbar launches I totally forgot about. Well Colorbar recently launched:

  • Take Me As I Am Lipcolors (such a long name!): These are lipsticks in a chubby small stick form. These are matte yet creamy and last for ages on your lips. Better than those Inglot AMC chubby
    pencils in my opinion since Inglot ones are quite drying. The range includes 8 shades of Sensuous Red, Flirtatious Pink, Mischievous Wine, Sizzling Berry, Bare Dare Pink, Lip Smacking Cherry, Mysterious Nude and Seductive TanPrice:Rs.699
  • True Gloss Lipgloss: This range has got 10 shades and most of them lean towards orange-coral hues. They are Pink Stain, Fresh Pink, Radiant Pink, Coral Craving, Nectar Orange, Orange Sunset, Opal Orchid, Bitten RedPrice: Rs.495
  • Perfect Pout Gloss: These are sheer glosses available in 8 shades. Some of the shades are Playful, Brazen, Whisper, Scandal. Price: Rs.550
  • Cocktail Brights This is a line of bright Neon Nail Paints. The shades arePlum Grenadine, Tangerine Mojito, Bloody Mary, Pink Lady, Pina Colada and Lime Margarita. Price: Rs.150 (Most excited about these. I have a thing for neon nails!)
colorbar neon
Colorbar cocktail brights neon nail paints
  • Colorbar Lip Pots: They have launched some new shades in this line. Price: Rs.495

So I went on a swatch attack mode. Here are the results!

colorbar lip pot
Colorbar Lip Pot swatches: bright berry pink shade
That’s Colorbar Lip Pot in Feeling Rosey I think. It was more bright in person. A berry pink shade.
colorbar lipsticks
Colorbar Take Me As I Am lipcolor swatches
colorbar lipglosses
Colorbar Perfect Pout and True Gloss lipgloss swatches

And these are the lipsticks and lipglosses swatched:

1. True Gloss Lipgloss in Orange Sunset: a yellow based orange. Santri you can call it.
2. True Gloss Lipgloss in Coral Craving: bright orange. similar to Revlon Colorbust Papaya.
3. Perfect Pout Lipgloss in Brazen : a sheer pink
4. Perfect Poy Lipgloss in Playful: muted milky peach (love this one)
5. Take Me As I Am Lipcolor in Sensuous Red
6. Take Me As I Am Lipcolor in Flirtatious Pink
7. Take Me As I Am Lipcolor in Lip Smacking Cherry

So this was my collective swatch post. Favourites?

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