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Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick Go Orange: Review, Swatches


Review, Swatches, Price, Buy Online Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick Go Orange

By Contributor: Vaidehee

Hey you guys! So for the past year, i’ve been trying to buy more lipsticks that aren’t my typical “peachy pink nude” shade, and be a little bit more bold in my colour selection. In lieu of that, i’ll be reviewing my recent purchase from Coloubar, the Creme Touch Lipstick in shade Go Orange (shade 040C).


My Review:

Packaging : The packaging for colorbar lipsticks is a siren call to the counter to me most of the times! They look so Chic! The sturdy twist up lipstick tube in the silver sheen exterior with the pastel purple band , is probably the reason i keep stocking up on colorbar lipsticks. It’s quite literally, like the lipstick version of serena van der woodsen.(GG Anyone?)

Fragrance: One of my first lipsticks was a MAC , and i remember the cupcake like smell it used to have, and since then, i keep hoping i’ll find a drugstore brand that scents their lipsticks, and hallelujah! The color bar lipstick has a slightly sweet kick to it , so if you have a sensitive sniffer , you might be disappointed (although the fragrance isn’t overpowering ).

Texture and Consistency : The texture is creamy and i find that it doesn’t dry out the lips like a few of the drugstore matte ones . It almost has the same finish as the maybelline moisture extreme range , slightly glossy, however, there isn’t much of a hydration factor to it and it isn’t nourishing.  An added little plus that i was glad about was the SPF-15 factor, which i think makes it tailor-made for someplace like india.


Pigmentation : Colorbar has come up with several orange shades, from obsessed orange, burnt orange, peach glow and wicked orange. I Find that the “Go Orange” shade is the truest in-your-face orange of all of these .

The undertones aren’t blue , they’re slightly on the warmer end of the spectrum, so it doesn’t do much for your pearly whites, but on the flip side, it doesn’t look as stark with indian skin tones as blue undertoned lipsticks often tend to .  The colour is quite bright and has a hint of red, is extremely vibrant (almost tending to neon ) and isn’t exactly for the faint of heart! (As in, it scared the hell out of me when i first wore it out!)

With one swipe, the pigmentation shows up bang on, and with two swipes, it covers up any discolouration on the lips an shows up opaque.  (The swatch on the hand was just the first swipe!)

Longevity : Because of the finish of the lipstick, it does transfer , and doesn’t stay on over 4 hours. However, the tint stays on your lips long after the glossiness has worn off.


How I like to wear Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick Go Orange:

I do wear it as it is every once in a while , but let’s be real! This isn’t something i’d wear grocery shopping! I usually dab it on over the centre of my lips and blend it out to get the tint sans the extreme , and occasionally, i’ll swipe it over twice and blot it with a 1xply tissue paper , to get a matte finish and to tone down the pigment .   It also layers really well with nude shades for the perfect peachy spring lip colour .

Cons of Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick Go Orange:

  • The finish isn’t for everyone, and niether is the shade.
  • The longevity could have been better.
  • It does settle into cracks if you let it dry out .
  • It does tend to bleed if you go overboard with it.


Price: The lipstick retails at Rs 475 for the standard 4.5 grams of product , which i would say isn’t exactly dirt cheap, but isn’t as outrageous as some of the lakme absolute’ price points.

VNA Rating: 3.25/5

Buy Online: myntra.com

Verdict? If you’re looking for a toned down orange, try the maybelline bronze orange shade, but if you’re a little bolder and actually want to incorporate some vibrant colours in your vanity , I’d say go for it , considering the price, quality and quantity!

20 thoughts on “Colorbar Creme Touch Lipstick Go Orange: Review, Swatches”

    • Ah , if you plan on doing so, try to avoid them through winters. cracked lips and moisture finishes do not mix!

  1. great review vaidehee, loved the pictures, infact i love the pictures and your angle of picture in every post, doing great, would you mind sharing your setup, as to which camera you use, and some tips

    • It’s good to hear back from some of you guys! thankyou for taking notice of the minute details.
      I use the Canon Eos 1200D, but some of the pictures i manage to take with a point and shoot and with the macro setting they turn out just the same. With the canon, the only thing i keep track of is a larger aperture to avoid picking up too many background details. The lighting is natural, and the layouts are usually textured fabrics with a couple of props here and there in the same colour family.

      Fuzzy sweaters with a sharply focused subject make for great pictures! :D
      Although, i don’t really find myself handy with these things, this is pretty much all i’ve picked up so far, but i’ll try to change it up every once in a while , hopefully for the better.

      P.s this probably sounds dumb but are you the gorgeous chick that does tutorials on here? :)

      • Well minus the gorgeous
        but i am the one who does tutorials
        thanks for the deets.. you explained it sooo well
        thnks a ton honey

        • ah, i really do love hearing back from the people that post on here too!
          and p.s believe me you gorgeous woman, if it wasn’t for some of your tutorials i’d still be doing the same old tired smokey eyes . Your posts are a treasure to find a few neat ideas! :D

          • Tha kyuu sooooo very much honey
            its great to hear from you back evrytime
            seems we can get along well :)
            you too are doing awesome job


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