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Clothing Haul : Reason to Smile

Let’s get straight to the business this time…after all what would I talk about in a haul post?

I never had anything floral in my wardrobe, believe me. May be because I was never into floral prints..but now I am..big time! The dress is from Atmosphere.

Two random tube tops to go with my latest shrug (pics later). The green is much more brighter than what it shows in the pics.

Okay so probably I’m the last girl on this planet to get hold of this top. But better late than never. And I probably don’t care if a hundred other girls have it in their wardrobes…I didn’t want to be left out!

Coloured Pants!! This is my favourite. I finally got hold of these pants and started with his favourite colour. The blue is a bit darker and brighter in person. I will try colour blocking with it…pink? yellow? green?

A black balloon top

And my leopard print pajamas (which I’m wearing right now!)

How did you like my haul? I love the dress and the pants the most!
By the way I tried a failed attempt to a beige nude eye look, do you want to see that?

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11 thoughts on “Clothing Haul : Reason to Smile”

  1. Looks great! Put up more pictures ofthe blue top, it looks gorgeous n for something like that eveni couldn’t care less if tons of others own it ;)
    Id love to see the trial eye, I’m sure once you put it up, others ll give you tips on rectifying it, if it did fail like you claim :P

  2. @keerthi i’ll mail u d pics. and sure wud put up dat look :)

    @zatz thanks!

    @gauri meee too!

    @tanvi i picked them from a store in lajpat ngr..forgot the name!

    @grazy thanks!

  3. This is a very beautiful floral dress. It’s very colorful and nice. Very good sharing. I love floral top and dress too. It is a must cloth type in every girl’s wardrobe.

  4. Lovely dress…

    Dress up teaches you about fashion. There is much to learn from the fashion world, and one of the easiest ways to learn is through online.

    Thanks for sharing your post!!!


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