Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub: Review and Price

Review, Price and How to use Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub

By Contributor: Rini

BLACKHEADS!! Everyone knows about them and most of us suffer from them as well. I wish I could make my blackheads go away, never to return. Alas! I have not found any way to do that. But yeah, I have hunted down a scrub which temporarily manages my struggle with the blackheads. Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub is not only effective but also a budget-friendly product. Now, let me share my review of this scrub with all of you.

Clean and Clear claims: Fast and effective solution for blackhead prone skin. Effective micro-scrubbing beads break down trapped oil, dirt and dead skin. The natural apple extract formula penetrates deep into pores to help soften stubborn blackheads at the core and prevent new ones from forming. Its gentle exfoliating action leaves your skin beautifully smooth and clear.

My Review:

Clean and Clear Blackhead Scrub comes in a blue colored tube with a dark blue colored, flip-open cap. The scrub is pearly white in color and has a bit of runny consistency. It has a very pleasant fragrance. The scrub has little white and blue granules, which are called ‘micro-scrubbing beads’ by the brand. The scrubbing granules are very little and we need to observe closely to see them. The scrub lathers pretty well and it is easy to apply. The micro-scrubbing beads provide a little, mild exfoliation. I use Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Scrub once in every 2 days. And now, after using this scrub for 2-3 months, I am seeing some difference in my blackheads.

I have blackheads on my nose and they re-appear every 2-3 days. Earlier, I used a few other scrubs which made the problem even worse by enlarging the pore on my nose. But, this blackhead clearing scrub is so mild yet effective that I do not face that problem any more. The little horns on my nose now re-appear with less intensity. After applying this scrub, I can see immediate effects. All my ‘little horns’ disappear and do not come back before 4-5 days.

Not only this, this scrub has very good cleansing properties and removes oil, grease and dirt from the face properly. Also, it has not given me break outs. Overall, I am very happy with this scrub. Now, I worry no more about the blackheads on my nose.

Pros of Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub:

  • Very mild and soothing.
  • Mild yet very effective.
  • Effectively scrubs off blackheads.
  • Cleanses the face properly.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Has not broken me out.
  • Has a pleasant fragrance.
  • Good for oily skin.

Cons of Clean and Clear Blackhead Daily Scrub:

  • This is a temporary solution. We need to keep using this to maintain the results.

Price: Rs. 55 for 40 gm.

VNA Rating: 4.5/5.

Conclusion: I have used many scrubs to get rid of my blackheads. Some are ultra-mild, some are mild and others are harsh. The mild ones are so mild that they do near to nothing and the harsh ones annoy my skin. But with Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub, it seems my skin has found its perfect scrub.

Have you tried Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub? Share your reviews with us.

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