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Christmas Red And Snowy : Nails Of The Day

I’m amazed how in such a chilly and freezing weather, I’ve not caught a cold yet. Ok *touchwood* but I don’t have the best immune system, and I easily fall ill with a slight weather change. And now when its so freaking cold here, I’m still going strong! By the way, did I tell you I LOVE this weather. The chill. The freezing winds. The fog. So excuse me if I don’t complain if it gets colder here in Delhi, my birthday is next month so please please Ms.Chill you stay around here for longer okay.

Now this chill combined with one of my favourite festivals (we Indians celebrate loads of festivals every month but Christmas still has a special place) calls for a nail art. Here I’ve created snowy white glitter nails on the red Santa bed.

Christmas nail art designs
christmas nail art design

easy red snowy glitter nails
easy christmas nail art design

On my nails:
Maybelline Colorma #40
Konad White Sand Glitter

What are you wearing on your nails?

22 thoughts on “Christmas Red And Snowy : Nails Of The Day”

  1. No no :( i dun want chilly weather plssss.. my fingers become dis giant n dey hurt :(
    anyways… I love ur nail art.. I cun find a perfect RED color in a gud quality brand.. nw I knw wer to look fr ;)

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