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Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick No.14 Passion: Review, Swatches


Review, Swatches, Price of Chanel Rogue Allure Passion Passion No.14

By Contributor: Ananya

In my quest for finding the ever-elusive perfect shade of red lipstick, I stumbled upon Chanel Rouge Allure range of red lipsticks. Although, I must confess that my picking up a lipstick from the collection was more of a fanciful whim aimed at lifting my mood, than it had to do with the actual shade I had picked; I am pretty happy with it anyway. I will review and swatch Chanel Rouge Allure #14 Passion for you today.

Chanel Claims: A black lacquered case that hides a sensual lipstick dressed in gold. Ultra-feminine and almost provocative with its little click, this new beauty expression is a trigger of seduction. ROUGE ALLURE reveals intense color in just one click. The wonderfully luminous and satiny makeup result offers maximum color with the very first stroke. The new supple, ultra-fine and ultra-gliding second-skin texture becomes one with the lips to fully reveal its color. Choose your own shades from the color palette: from the most tender to the most sensual, from the most natural to the most sophisticated. ROUGE ALLURE reveals your power of seduction.

The website lists 28 shades to choose from. I think #152 INSAISISSABLE, #136 MÉLODIEUSE, #96 EXCENTRIQUE are the wackiest of the bunch.


My Review:

I loveeee the packaging. It comes in a sleek black non-metallic casing, inside which is a golden metallic lipstick barrel. Although, it took me a few seconds to figure out how to open it, I loved the idea immediately. The Chanel lipstick barrel comes out when you press the golden base. It has a kind of a spring mechanism that works perfectly and is non wobbly or does not get loose upon constant use. The rouge allure lipstick looks extra special with the ‘CHANEL’ imprinted around its tip.

When I was rubbing off the swatch from my wrist, I was surprised to see the subtle golden and red shimmers left behind. I am absolutely in love with that.


The lips need to be properly smoothened out before application. The formula is lightweight and the pigment is consistent and deep. The effect upon application is somewhere between matte and glossy, since most of the shine is coming off due to the shimmer and moisturising factor. It appears that the shimmer is present only in the darker shades and not in the lighter ones (like shades of pink). The best part is, the red lipstick does not dry out on the lips, does not make it look chapped, or does not form residues in the creases. Though you might not have a problem with bleeding or feathering in some of the lighter shades (based on what I have read), my particular shade Passion (I wore it without a lip liner) did start bleeding after a while. This is something that is bound to make you feel conscious if you are at an social event and it’s not possible for you to constantly check, manage or re-apply your lipstick.

Furthermore, it absolutely does not last a meal. Another thing I don’t like about it and some other lipsticks is that they come off easily on tea cups or glasses. Its embarrassing to try and rub the stain off the rim while avoiding looking messy.

The fact it, the chanel allure lipstick does not hold extremely well, maybe I can attribute it to the weather to some extent; using a French lipstick in a humid tropical climate, but I daresay, it does not alter much during winter with milder temperatures.


What I love about Chanel Rogue Allure lipstick #14 Passion:

  • Super chic packaging
  • Amazing satiny finish
  • Moderately lasting
  • Does not accumulate in ceases
  • Easy to apply
  • One stroke is perfect for covering, two strokes make the colour look amazing and lustrous
  • Subtle shimmers enable a dramatic play in varying lights
  • Neither matte, nor completely glossy, somewhere delicately in-between!
  • Feels lightweight
  • Keeps lips moisturised

What I don’t like about Chanel Rogue Allure Lipstick #14 Passion:

  • Does not perform in accordance with its price tag
  • Usually does not last past a meal
  • Bleeds after a while
  • Needs reapplication within a couple of hours
  • Does not leave an after stain, pigment completely disappears (at least in my experience with it)


Price: Rs.2100 (can vary)

VNA Rating: 3.8 out of 5

Conclusion: I might not repurchase the same shade. I might pick up an absolutely alluring shade that would go with my personality and skin tone. Since it is Chanel and it’s considered a cult classic, you will most likely be coerced in to believing it’s an absolutely perfect product. But that’s nearly not the case. If you would like to have a stylish Chanel in your hand bag, I would suggest go for an absolute divine shade, a shade that makes you looks like a goddess. It will be worth the price!

Have you used Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick No.14 Passion? Share your reviews with us.

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  1. Oh wow..nice to see such a honest review.
    For the price tag I would have expected a near perfect lipstick! Especially a classic red..


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