Chambor Fragrance Mist Mystique Magnolia: Review, Price

Review, Price, Buy Online Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist

By Contributor: Sehej

Body mist is the new kid on the block, or more like the new hot guy in your class but then there is just one and you wish there were more. Lol, this is a rather weird example but you get what I mean. Body mists are sold by such fewer brands in India right now. Chambor however came to our rescue and launched two new fragrances: Mystique Magnolia and Tender Tuberose

. Out of which I’ll be reviewing the Mystique Magnolia today. Read on to know whether it is a hit or miss.

Chambor Claims: A  fragrance that symbolizes ultimate feminity, sophistication and glamour. This romantic, captivating blend unites the noblest of flowers in a unique, generous and harmonious floral bouquet. Wear this scented mist all over your body for a gentle burst of delicate florals. It’s simply irresistible

My Review:

The packaging of Chambor body mist is really cute and attractive. It is hot pink colored bottle with a flowers design in pinkish red all over and a spray top. It is also quite travel friendly. There was an option to buy the other variant Tender Tuberose, I went in for this one anyway because tender tuberose was a little too earthy for me.

The fragrance notes are a mixed alchemy of flowers-magnolia, a slight hint of rose, a bit citrus and a bit woody. I do strongly suggest you smell it before purchasing as scents are always a matter of personal preference. It is quite a nice scent actually and for the people who like heavily fragranced body mists, they would love this. It is much strong as you would expect a regular mist to be but overall I love the scent. Thankfully Mystique Magnolia is not a headache inducing fragrance which are such a put off and also I think it’s safe to say that you can wear multiple sprays of it and not end up smelling like a florist shop. Also, this is perfect for the upcoming summer season where in one would like to smell fresh and floral most of the time.

The lasting power of the Chambor fragrance mist is also impressive. I think it is also mainly because of its strong scent. It stays put for about 3 hours or so after which it leaves a soft scent and a reapplication would not be much troublesome because of its sturdy and travel friendly packaging. The quantity should also be enough as it is 200 ml. But however I think it is little on the expensive side. Other than that I have no complaints.

Pros of Chambor Fragrance Mist Mystique Magnolia:

  • Attractive and bright packaging
  • Travel friendly and sturdy
  • Fragrance is floral and refreshing and would make an awesome mist for upcoming summers
  • Lasting power of the mist is fairly long

Cons of Chambor Fragrance Mist Mystique Magnolia:

  • A little on the expensive side. However the quantity compensates for it.
  • People with sensitive noses may not like the strength of fragrance of the mist.

Price: Rs.595

VNA Rating: 5/5

Buy Online:

Conclusion: Chambor Mystique Magnolia Fragrance Mist is an absolute delight and a beautiful offering from the house of Chambor Geneva. Girls who have a liking for pure floral fragrances and love to celebrate their femininity will definitely love this fragrance mist. It is however on the stronger side and sensitive noses may not like it much. Even though I mentioned that it is a little expensive for regular college and school going girls, the quantity is fair and would definitely last for a good couple of months. Overall, I’m very impressed with my Chambor Mystique Magnolia Mist and would love to buy it again and also recommend all you beauties to give it a try.

Have you used Chambor Fragrance Mist Mystique Magnolia? Share your reviews with us.

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