Chambor Eye And Lip Waterproof Makeup Remover Review – HG Material?

Chambor Eye And Lip Water Proof Makeup Remover Review
This goes out to all the soldiers out there who get into a battle with cotton pads and their waterproof mascaras every night. This goes out to all the soldiers who are left wounded and hurt with badly stung eyes. This goes out to all the soldiers who have slept with an eyelash or two less. Yes this goes out to all those soldiers..err..girls! But if you like to sleep with your kohl on to wake up to soft smudged eyes (which look very sexy by the way) then don’t go ahead!

It Claims: Chambor Eye And Lip Makeup Remover comes with Malachite Extract For Waterproof Makeup -A unique biphasic formula that cleanses the delicate eye & lip area. Rich in Malachite Extract, a stone extract with strong antioxidant & detoxifying activity, of elegant blue color which refreshes, soothes the eye & lip area while removing the make up. It even removes the most performing waterproof make up with extreme gentleness. Suitable for all skin types & is Dermatologist & Opthamologist Tested.

My eye makeup usually involves a kohl or may be a mascara if I’m in the mood. And I had almost given up on makeup removers since the all the tugging and pulling puts so much of pressure on the eyes. Also apart from the Liz Earle Hot Cleanser
, every other remover would sting my eyes. So here comes the superhero – Chambor Makeup remover! Water proof eye liners, long lasting lip colours, water proof mascaras and what not? It removes all of them in a breeze..okay maybe three strokes at maximum.
And since it removes the most stubborn of the makeup, you would expect it to be harsh and stingy, right? But its not. I playfully remove every corner of my waterline challenging it to sting..but it doesn’t! The formula is oil and water based so it leaves some oil residue but nothing a water splash later can’t take care of.
The test: I’m using all the long lasting and water proof makeup

 l-r: deborah long lasting matte lipstick, Faces kohl, Colorbar Matte Lipstick, Lotus lipstick, L’Oreal Infallible long lasting lipstick, Diana of London long staying eye pencil, Colorbar I-Glide waterproof pencil

1..2..3 swipes an all gone

The price is a high for a drugstore brand but since we have a dearth of good makeup up removers and this one is cheaper than Mac, I don’t mind buying it again. I got mine in my February Blisscovered Box and I will get the full size once I’m done with it…. although 80% of it is still left!

Price: Rs.825 ($19) for 120ml

HG Material? Yes!

So is it for you? No if you don’t wear makeup! okay yes this is for looking for a gentle yet effective water proof makeup remover which doesn’t stings your eyes or your sensitive skin. It is oil based so it removes makeup in a jiffy. The price is a bit expensive but if you don’t mind it then go for it.

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  • I agree - many of times I skip d mascara n heavy kohl coz makeup remover never completely removes both efficiently in a swipe or two ...

  • Hey Ansh, any idea about the quantity of the full sized bottle? Since these days, I am wearing my eye makeups, I am using these special cleansers. From your review I think I should keep this is my next purchase list.
    Btw, did you get any more of the blisscovered boxes?
    Nice review as always!

  • Ahhh I would love to buy it as it is I am looking for a good makeup remover :)

  • Loved the review..the sa other day tried to push sell me this one but for the price I skipped ! :(

  • @riddhi jholapara yes thats where the hero comes in!

    @nivedita full size is 120ml which is a lot IMO so its okay. no more blisscovered boxes..i think they are withdrawing from d market :\

  • @pooja i dont know yaar..everyone seems to hike up the prices!

    @shalini sure go won't regret :)

    @few unnecessary stuff haha..this time the SA was actually pushing something nice!

  • You made some clear points there. I did a search on the subject and found most people will consent with your blog.


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