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Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive Skin Review

My Skin Stats: combination with an oily T-zone, acne prone, sensitive
So now that the stats have been provided, lets start with the review.

Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion
Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion review

How I got to know about it? From my dermatologist
Price: Rs.110/115 (2$)
Quantity: 125ml
Other Variants: They have a moisturising lotion too for sensitive skin. I’m yet to try that.
Where?: Any drugstore

How to Use: Apply Cetaphil and wipe off with cotton, tissue or a wet wash cloth, or wash off with water. Alternately – you can use Cetaphil just like you would use your regular face wash.

I’ve been using it from the time the signs of first acne developed on my face and the dermo recommended it to me. So, 5yrs at least!

cetaphil cleanser sensitive
swatch of cetaphil
What I like?
  • It doesn’t dries out your face since its a mild cleanser
  • Its PH balanced so you really don’t need a toner after this one
  • It doesn’t break out.
  • Its the most gentle cleanser I’ve ever used. As they say, it really is great for sensitive skinned beauties
  • You can also remove some of your makeup with it. Not completely though.
  • Dry skinned girls need not worry since it doesn’t rob your skin off the moisture.
  • Oily beauties can use it as an evening or night time face wash when you don’t want anything harsh on your face.
  • You can even massage your face and sleep with it without fearing any breakouts. How cool is that!
What I don’t like?
  • Its not that effective when you are back from a humid day at work with all the dust and grime all over your face. You NEED to have a separate face wash for that purpose. Well anyway I’ve different face washes for the different times of the day in summers, so that’s not a problem with me!

Well I used it very religiously this winter. But my skin gets really oily in summers so I need something more strong for those humid days. I would continue using it at nights though. My brother who has got veryyy sensitive skin uses it too and there is no face wash which has worked like this for him. You should really make it a part of your skin care regime.

My Ratings: 4.5/5 (-0.5 for not working that effectively in summers)
Repurchase? 10+ bottles used already!!

22 thoughts on “Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion for Sensitive Skin Review”

  1. Hey

    I have used this one…I had some skin allergy where my skin used to peel off on its own..and the doctor recommended this to me to be used as a face wash..

    It’s a great product…


  2. My sister owned a bottle which she never finsihed, neither did I try because I didn’t wear any make up or didn’t understand cleansers well enough then. that was almost 8 years back. But your review makes me wish to try this again

  3. I have bought and used it but my dermatologist recommended me a better cleanser so this one failed to impress me much…though the moisturizer of cetaphil is supposedly really amazing and manages to come in the top 15 drug store must-buys…..

  4. @jiya ya u should..helped me :)

    @dipti welcome here :)

    @rakshanda uw:)

    @nivedita dat means i’m doing by job well huh! ;)

    @rentu and anju ya everyone does :)

  5. Hi there, great review. Another Cetaphil is available for oily skinners also, I use it only in summers otherwise i use this Cetaphil usually :) Thanks

  6. it works great , it doesn’t break your skin out,its noncomedogenic,
    very gentle on skin. But if you have loads of makeup on then it won’t work. I heard from people that when you stop using it, you may break out. may be its a bit addictive or something.

  7. Hey thanks for dropping by and also following me. I will follow you back. No I have passed out of college a while back. ex MBE.

    btw, this cleanser’s v good. My sis’s dermatologist advised it for her sensitive skin and she has been very happy.

  8. so do u apply dis after applying a face wash?? I use Forever new’s aloe vera face wash… and after applying dis. do I need to apply a moisturizer too?
    pls mail me d ans or visit my blog :)

  9. Ma family frnd who stays in California told me abt cetaphil moisturiser nd it’s face wash,i will give it a trial 2 see its works nd I’ve an Oil face.Reply please!


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