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Bridal Makeup Artists in Mumbai – Indian Bridal Diaries


best bridal makeup artists in mumbai

Bridal Makeup Artists Suggestions in Mumbai

We have a guest blogger today! Priya is a friend of mine who hails from Mumbai. She is a wedding planner so that makes her the right person to write this post. She has done 15 weddings and…oh well over to you Priya!

Being a wedding planner you get to meet new people everyday. Its no easy job since you have to bear everyone’s tantrums and still stay in budget. If you guys have seen “Shaadi Mubarak” then you may have a rough idea but a movie can’t cover the plannings that sometimes go for more than 6 months. From bridal photographers

to makeup artists, flower guys to the catering guys….you juggle it all. A lot of times the brides get everything in place except for the MUA and that results in last moment panic. So now I keep a list of the back-up recommendations. But to avoid that choose your makeup artist 6 months in advance and always get trials done. Sometimes big MUAs refuse to change their working style so keep trials and clear everything in advance. The last thing a wedding planner needs is an angry bride! Sharing some of my knowledge with you on the most sought after bridal makeup artists in Mumbai.

1. Maya Mehta: She is a very budget makeup artist. The makeup she does is young and clean. I love the not-made-up look she gives to the brides. Her prices are flexible but I guess she charges around Rs.8000 for each function. Get in touch with her at her facebook page here

2. Sheetal Chandani: She does wonderful bridal makeup. She does all sort of techniques but her smokey eyes are the best. The prices are pretty reasonable too but I don’t know the exact quote. Get in touch with her at her facebook page here

3. Fatima Soomar: I’ve seen her work at a lot of weddings. Apart from bridal makeup she does a lot of other events too. Her friendly approach makes you comfortable in minutes. She is flexible and easy to work. The makeup is girly, minimal and fresh. I will ask for her BB pin if anyone needs.

4. Dinesh Malotkar: He has a lot of experience. I had a bride looking for a MUA in Mumbai so we found him through Justdial.com. The makeup is very minimal….sometimes you have to remain him that he is doing a bride!

5. Sanjib Majumder: This guy has got 12 years of experience. He does small tv shows and other bollywood events apart from bridal makeup. You can check his work at his website. Get in touch with him at: sanjibmajumder123(at)gmail(dot)com

If you guys need I can give suggestions on wedding photographers too.

Editor: If you have any recommendations then let us know in the comments!

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