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Bourjois Kabuki Brush Review and Photos

bourjois kabuki brush review

Bourjois Kabuki Brush

By Contributor: Isheeta

Under strict guidelines, I refrain from the usual “hi/hello/Namaste/pranam/vankkam” and jump onto the bandwagon. I’m about to review a magnificently gorgeo-fab brush today from Bourjois, which has been taken, countless times as a Shaving Brush! Yess.. my mum when she first saw me using the Kabuki brush thought I’d lost it or was being very DIY-ish and asked whether shaving brushes were that efficient! My boyfriend gushed over the fact that I bought him a ‘then-much-needed’ shaving brush when casually peeking in my tote, and I saved the poor thing from shaving foam gels & scraggly beards when my dad in search of a shaving brush picked it up from the vanity table. *sigh. confession of a makeup brush* Presenting you the Bourjois Kabuki Brush!

Bourjois ClaimsBourjois’ make-up brushes are ultra-soft and high quality – enabling easy application and a professional result every time.Perfect for use at home or on the move the short handle means it’s small enough to fit in your handbag, but with the long soft bristle head it is perfect for use with bronzers, powders and blushers.

Bourjois Kabuki Brush blog

The kabuki powder brush came in a plastic-y pouch which “lost itself” within a month and hence, my brush lost its bodyguard (whatever!). It is definitely stout, not long-handled. The brushes are densely packed together with a steel finish bottom (did I just say bottom?). Looks classy, plus the steel finish ‘bottom’ does not acquire those nasty finger prints we tend to leave behind on almost everything in the universe! Criminal proof, much?

Bourjois Kabuki Brush Photo

Coming to its business_ Yes! It blends and unifies the finely milled powders, shimmers, glitters, powder consistencies seamlessly and with an air-brush effect. The coppery bristles of the brush are soft and feel luxurious (just how Bourjois products must feel). I did not notice any fall out after washing these umpteenth times, and they still feel the same. However, the pouch definitely helped retain its shape.  Also, it’s definitely “in-budget” (read Faux budget) compared to other high-end brands, and works the same. Buff away loose powder, pressed powder, compact, bronzer, highlighter and it won’t complain.

Bourjois Kabuki Brush soft bristles


Bourjois Kabuki Brush powder

Why I am gaga over the Bourjois Kabuki Brush:

  • Smooth texture. Soft bristles.
  • Easy blendability. Seamless finish.
  • No falling bristles post a good bath a.k.a wash.
  • Soft and not scratchy.
  • Imparts an air-brushed effect

Why no love the Kabuki Brush:

  • Online availability is an issue. Sometimes the counters don’t stock much.

Bourjois Kabuki Brush

Price: Rs. 430

VNA Rating: 5/5

Recommend?: Bourjois Kabuki Brush is ideal for  loose powder, pressed powder, compact, bronzer and highlighter application. The bristles are soft and feel super smooth on the face. They don’t shed after washing or cleaning. Plus its totally in budget when compared to other fluffy powder brushes in the market by other brands. Yes I totally recommend it…..go for it. I ditched TBS for this brush!

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