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7 Bollywood Celebrities Who Cheated On Their Wives


Top 7 Bollywood Actors Who Cheated On Their Spouse

Bollywood. The land of dreams and a place where dreams wear the cloak of reality. Bollywood industry, where stories are told, stories are made and stories turn in to legend. This is a place where many, many have celebrities found their route to ‘immortality’, with their names etched in to history forever. While the industry itself is full of glamour, lights and the ever hovering media, fame has a price to pay. It could be your identity; it could be your personality or even the most important person in your life – your spouse or partner.

Well, with infidelity a ‘relationship status’ of sorts in today’s world, Bollywood has its own chunk of break-ups and heartaches. Let us whirl or way through past and present to revive some of the most shocking breakup stories of unfaithful Bollywood heroes who cheated on their partners and gave up on the strongest of relationships. These are actors who have had alleged affairs with successful actresses of those times.

List of Bollywood Stars Wives With Cheating Husbands:

1. Amitabh Rekha Extra Marital Affair


He was the super star, she was his ideal better-half and the other ‘she’ was every man’s fantasy woman. It had to start with this one! The epic romance of the millennium and the love triangle that inspired the story line of memorable ‘Silsila’; the extra-marital affair between Amitabh and Rekha was the real-life pot-boiler at its time. While Amitabh and wife Jaya were what you called ‘match made in heaven’ with the lanky, tall star and his ultra-cute, petite and equally talented Jaya; his romance with Rekha would sizzle all the way from the cameras to the screen and burn a fire of speculations.

Rekha and Amitabh had their own set of ‘secret getaways’ and a romance that was nothing short of a roller coaster-ride. It was also said that the superstar Amitabh secretly married the hot starlet, with Rekha and Jaya actually indulging in a ‘cat-fight’! Later, it all fizzed-down with Rekha popularly stating, ‘the wife has not won, I have given back her husband to her in a Silver platter’. Uff!

2. Dharmendra’s Infidelity


Theirs was a story that would go down in history as the ‘complete bollywood Drama’. It had romance, family, trill and action all rolled in to one. Dharmendra was your ideal picture of the super-handsome family man living happily with his traditional wife and two kids. In came the ‘dream girl’ and comfortably snuggled into his heart and locked it. Now, Prakash Kaur, being a traditional woman would not divorce her star husband.

This had Dharmendra and Hema Malini convert to Islam, so that the superstar husband could marry his love interest while still being married to his first wife! So, Dharmendra-aka-‘Dilawar’ married Hema-aka-‘Aisha’ in a Muslim ceremony to legalize their union. However, the marriage did not last long and the duo was soon divorced.

3. Hrithik Roshan and Suzzane Roshan Breakup


One of the latest tales of hi-profile infidelity to hit the news was a sure-shocker. With his Greek-god good looks, gravity-defying dance moves and bollywood superstar status, Hrithik Roshan was the perfect picture of every woman’s dreams. What made him all the more desirable was his marriage to his childhood sweetheart, Suzzane Roshan. She with her doll-like features and an illustrious family made the perfect better-half to the screen-god. After over a decade of a seemingly happy married life, rumors of heartthrob Hrithik Roshan’s extra-marital escapades started to make silent ripples across the tinsel town.

However, it was only after the much-hyped divorce that the true nature of the couple’s fractured relationship came to light, reasons were still unknown. All hell broke loose when Kangana Ranaut, another super star in her own right went public with her alleged affair with Hrithik, claiming public exposure and accusations. Heavy speculations pointed towards Hrithik’s secret affair with actress Kangana that gave his already delicately-balanced marriage the final blow. The media grabbed its share of scoop, Kangana leaked her own ‘proofs’ of the affair, Hrithik slapped Ranaut with law-suit and accused her of being ‘mentally ill’ and the wife, most unexpectedly, lent her support to her ex-husband. The news died a natural death, with all three happily-single. This has to be the biggest bollywood extra marital affair story of an actor in recent times.

4. Rani Mukerjee and Aditya Chopra Love Affair


Being the shy-heir to one of the most powerful production house in Bollywood, Aditya Chopra was much known for his success, good-work and carrying the Yash Chopra’s legacy on. He was hardly ever seen in the public and basked in the glory of a happy marriage to his childhood sweet heart (again!) Payal Khanna. She was the perfect celebrity bahu who gelled-well with her in-laws and was dotted-on by her mom-in-law.

Soon entered Rani Mukerjee, a dusky beauty and the then reigning-queen of Bollywood. Sparks went flying between the introvert-Chopra and his ultra-talented muse. They gave many historic films, which will be forever written in the books of Bollywood life. But, Aditya Chopra’s mother would not hear of her son’s desire to divorce his current wife to marry his current love. She supposedly stated that he would ‘marry Rani only over her dead-body!’

After a decade-long wait, Payal Khanna finally gave her husband the much-desired divorce; the fact that she made him ‘bleed money’ in the settlement is another story however. Now, Aditya Chopra has finally married the passion of his life, Rani and they both have a lovely daughter as well. Oh yes, Aditya Chopra’s mother is very much healthy and alive.

5. Boney Kapoor and Sridevi Extra Marital affair


This one is a heart breaker. It is well known that Mona Kapoor lost her life to Cancer, but that was not the only pain she had suffered from. Being a wife to a successful producer and bollywood celebrity keeping things as ‘normal’ as possible for her young children was her world. Maybe it was this trait of her nature that made her give place in her home to a then struggling actress named Sridevi.

Before she knew it, her husband, Boney Kapoor was having an affair with bollywood actress Sridevi. The producer-super star duo gave many hits together, only fueling the rumors around. However, Mona Kapoor continued to stay with her in-laws, so that her children could lead a normal family life, struggling with Cancer while bringing-up her children was another task. Soon, she passed-away, Boney Kapoor and Sridevi married and started a family.

6. Raj Babbar Cheated on Wife Nadira


While many called Nadira a doormat; quite a few crowned her a hero. Well, what would you do if you had a choice to re-unite with your husband and the father of your children? Nadira and Raj Babbar were a happily married couple with the wife always by her husband’s side. However, for Raj Babbar, love happened once again as he crossed path with the super talented and beautiful Smita Patil.

He divorced, Nadira was left heartbroken with children and Smita Patil was branded the home-breaker. Raj and Smita lead a perfectly happy life until Cancer seized Smita away. Now, like a true-Bollywood twist, Raj Babbar once again approached his ex-wife. She took him back. End of story.

7. Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone Breakup


This is another popular bollywood break up story which made a lot of news. They were never married, but were a sizzling hot bollywood couple with huge promises of a future together. The tall, hot, dusky South Indian beauty and the spoilt Punjabi Heartthrob; they were the ‘it’ couple with a fiery chemistry both on and off-screen. However, the love did not last too long, as Ranbir Kapoor had his Playboy image to take care of and Deepika was soon tired of forgiving him.

The couple broke apart, thanks to the ‘many’ girls who kept poking in and out of the couple lives. What is still surprising is that Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone have kept their professional-fronts clean and continue to work post-break up. The promise of a promising future still lingers on…

There are still many stories of Bollywood actors who have cheated on their wives. While some got what they wanted, others re-traced their paths and some others gave-up all together. As they say, sometimes it takes another life to find true love; and sometimes all it takes is another person.

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