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Bohemian Hair Circus

Long hair is considered bohemian, which may be why I grew it but I keep it long because I love the way it feels: part cloak, part fan, part mane, part security blanket
Only if I could walk on the streets of Delhi with hair chains and bandanas and all that unconventional stuff. I think I tried it once a few years back..and let’s just say I would never want to do that again… here in Delhi specially. Man people stare at you everywhere you go, every street you pass..the curious eyes never leave you. I have this folder in my laptop where I save all the stuff which pleases my eyes and have a look at it every night before going to bed…only to dream about it later.
So ladies and gentleman here is a series starting. I would try and raid every possible tumblr blog, pin board, forums and post all the boho stuff on blog here and have a mini pinterest party.
This post comprises of all the hair junk boho people wear…which is not obviously junk.
This is so Indian. Like somebody went ahead and did a fusion. Pretty!

Again India inspired…something like the maang-tika Indian brides wear.
Found this picture on stumbleupon. It had some 81K likes! Totally understandable.

I always had this picture of Nicole Richie. Its the metallic gold head chain that I ADORE. Don’t miss the arm bangles (baaju band?)

There’s is something about this lady in pastel pink turban, ombre hair, kohl-less green eyes that appeals to me. All of which I don’t have/can’t do!

Hair circus! Infact adorably pretty chic hair circus.
Hair highlights + bandana + big bold prints + kohl = envy
 Bandana again

If there is one thing I adore in Rajasthani women then it is the big hair pieces they hang on their heads. Our Indian culture has a pretty mix of bohemian in it…something I never realised before. This isn’t Rajastani but you know what I mean. I might show up wearing something like that here…take my word!

 Boho Hair braids
 These are chalk hair highlights. That is how the colours came out so vivid. Anybody knows where to find them in Delhi?
 This reminds me my fishtail hair tutorial is long due
 Chalk highlight again. These can be changed every day according to your mood. I’m a hair virgin so this is something I want asap

I have half a dozen feather extensions in different colours and figuring out how to wear them since mine didn’t come with clip-ons. Look out for my post on them. B-school starting next week…definitely going to carry them there!

9 thoughts on “Bohemian Hair Circus”

  1. Hey! :) This is the first time I am commenting on your blog, and the reason is that I totally love the awesome stuff up there ^_^ I read long back somewhere that those chalk highlights are sort of DIY. Something like you use a chalk to ‘colour’ your hair and seal it with flat ironing :o You might want to Google for more info :D
    Namita <3

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