Blush Choices For Beginners – Reader Query

Tannima asks,
I loved your post about animal makeup it was really cute.. specially the panda lips..
I had another query
i have just started with Makeup and all, and I want to buy a blush this would be my first blush.:0
although I have tried using my mom’s colorbar just earth but it looks kind of brownish on me which I dont like and I want some natural looking one pink/peach blush I am medium skin toned.

so i short listed NYX cream blush in natural or colorbar cosmic rose..
what would you suggest is working with cream blushes dificult for begginers..??that and the price factor is worrying me bout NYX .?
do you think its worth investing?

Hi Tannima, I’m so glad you are trying to get friendly with makeup. Cream blushes are not difficult to apply, infact they are more easy to blend and look natural. Also since beginners don’t have much makeup tools, cream blushes only need fingers. I’m going to suggest you both the cream and powder blushes:

1. Nyx cream blush– the natural shade you have selected is a good choice. But since you are medium toned,
 tea rose will look more pink and natural as against Natural. Just google the swatches. It comes cheap if you order it internationally. I suggest this site for nyx shopping and steer clear of cherryculture! You could also get them from our desi shopping sites and the price is still good against the quantity since a pan will last you a looong time. (I’ve never hit pan with any of my blushes, can you believe that?)
2. Colorbar Powder Blush – Cosmic Rose has shimmer so I suggest it for night time. You should definitely check out the shade Peachy Rose, its a cult favourite so most of the times its out of stock.
3. Inglot Freedom System Blush– These are great quality blushes and come in 14 shades. I’ve #32 and its a pretty peachy pink with light shimmer. I got it from shopatmajorbrands and you don’t need to buy an empty palette with it online whereas you would be required to buy the palette in Inglot stores.
4. Maybeline Expert Wear Blush – These blushes are the most budget friendly and you can practice with these blushes and see what colours suit your skin tone. I suggest Apricot Flush.
For blush brush, try the vega professional brushes. Use a light hand while applying and blush your way to glory! Oh btw my first blush was Maybelline Dream Mousse Soft Plum.
Do you have any suggestions for her? Anything you would like to contribute?

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  • You have got great names hun. They are perfect.

    Tanima: Start off with the names Ansh suggested. They are great. i am yet to try out NYX blushes. kind of getting nauseaous with the amount of craziness I have piled up within me for NYX blushes. But I have to fight with Cherry Culture people and win. NYX reminds me of CC. Ugh!!

    Ansh - you know what i am talking about, don't you?


  • i don like cream blushes............ bt powder blushes are good from inglot, colorbar, nyx, Avon, deborah and jordana

  • thanks anshita...
    I tried Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in peach satin sometime back but it had shimmer so I dint liked it much...
    I like your suggestion about tea rose I would buy it and If by Chance i get hold of peachy rose...
    thanks a lot..:)

  • thanks Anshita.. :)
    I had just ordered NYX tea rose and would try to find peachy rose too thanks :)

  • Colorbar blush in Peachy Rose which is sans shimmer and highly pigmented and shows up beautifully.
    Of Maybelline Expertwear I would suggest the Potpourri or pinched pink since she doesn't want something brownish

    The suggestions are wonderful Ansh. I'm waiting for a shopatmajorbrands sale on Inglot cosmetics :)


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