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Blog Sale 2013 Announcement

makeup beauty blog sale 2013

 Blog Sale

I’m reading the Confessions of a Shopaholic series these days and while reading Shopaholic Takes Manhattan a few days back inspiration struck. You remember how in that book Becky does a wardrobe sale to pay off all her debts..well I’m not exactly under a debt but I do need a few bucks for a new phone plus at the pace my makeup collection is growing..I would need a makeup room soon. I was so inspired that I started putting all my stuff into the sale list but sanity prevailed and I kept some for myself. I just get too excited at times! I know I disliked the idea of giving up my makeup in a sale but I’ve come to terms with the idea. I’m still not selling all my stuff..but yes a big part of it. So yes I’m planning to host a blog sale.

These products are not bad or anything but with constant new launches in the market I get biased and tend to ignore my old makeup. Instead of just letting them sit here it would be better if some girls can use them. All the items are in good condition.

When: I’m planning to do the sale this Saturday i.e 28th September 2013 at 12pm 3pm.

Where: VNA

Price range: The discounts would go as high as 75%

Criteria: First come first served basis

Brands: Lakme, Maybelline, Revlon, Deborah, L’Oreal, Nyx, Oriflame, Skin 79, TBS, Avon, L’Occitane, Illamasqua, Elf, Skin Food, etc.

Let me know if you guys need to get the timings changed. And which courier option would you prefer between DTDC and Speed Post?

UPDATE: After getting a lot of requests I’ve changed the sale timings to 3pm. I know its weekend and most of you take an off but I’m super busy on weekdays so can’t change the day.

40 thoughts on “Blog Sale 2013 Announcement”

  1. Great Ansh.. i some tyms wonder howyou all host blog sale.. i don’t have courage to let go off my babies… :'( hats off to u grls.. :P :D for me both DTDC and Speedpost works.. they both deliver at my place.. :D

  2. Hey Ansh.. the sale is so temptingg.. but would it fine if u could re-schedule it to friday or monday.. I mean any working day as weekends are quite busy and I dont wanna miss itt!!

    If that works for u … else I have to go into hiding .. so that nobody could disturb!! ;)

  3. ooooh i’m soooo eying those loreal liners! i’d prefer speed post as my dtdc parcel was tampered last week..pls let me prebook.pretty please!!

  4. wow… Nice effort..!! DTDC and speedpost both r good but now a days dtdc getting careless last time i got my parcel tampered :( I would prefer speedpost doh.. charges within 50grm anywhr it takes RS 39 :P

  5. Hii !! For online transfer, it takes about a minimum of One day to add 3rd party account ! So wud be nice to share ur details via mail or wait fr the payments to come in coz its weekend n takes time to add d accounts


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