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Birthday Wish List 2013

wish list


That’s height of shamelessness. But who cares? I wrote a birthday wish list last year and I’m gonna continue with the age old tradition. I’m keeping this year’s l ist relatively simple and more realistic. That means including things that I actually want need. Just 6!! So here goes nothing!

1. Mac Archies Lipsticks – Mac has come up with a new limited edition collection based on the Archie comic series. I so want the colours for Betty and Veronica! I like that they have paid attention to the packaging.

2. Lifetime supply of glitter polishes – Yes! I love glitter nail polishes. And I want them in all sizes, colours, styles and brands. Bring on the bling!

3. Mac Fix Plus – So after months of “to buy or not to buy” I’ve decided on “to buy  be gifted”. I know I’ve oily skin but I can’t bear this mental torture anymore…..it haunts me in my sleep. Btw my girls asked me the other day what I wanted for my birthday. Since we have this ‘no sharmana’ policy I blurted out “mac fix plus!”. So chances are I’m gonna be a proud owner of this makeup spray very soon *wink*

4. Brocade Anarkali – While shopping for my cousin’s engagement I came across all kinds of anarkalis. And honestly nothing suited my fancy. The few ones I liked were damn expensive. So I stuck to a simple red-green suit. But now I really would like to get hold of atleast one decent suit. My dream anarkali is creme or off-white with a halter neck brocade bust in black. Th photo you see above is not the one I want exactly but comes quite close.

5. Hair Epilator – Its no surprise that I dislike parlours. So try to get hold of these simple tools which would make my life a little easy and save me those parlour visits. Right now I use cold wax strips but I want something quick and less messy. A friend told me its difficult to get an even and smooth finish from it, is that so? Also please suggest some good models. Anything which is not much expensive will do.

6. Leopard Brassier – Ahem! The most fun part of my list. I’ve this sudden rush for bras in all types and colours. Neon bra, backless bra, lace bra, animal prints…..you name it and I want it. Well…..I’m getting not one but 4 for my birthday!! Yes someone special is gifting me *barney wink*

14 thoughts on “Birthday Wish List 2013”

  1. LOL after reading your birthday wish list even I feel like buying some more bras for myself XD. Btw love your blog’s new template design! :D

  2. Nice wishlist. For the anarkali, if you have a good tailor, you can buy the fabrics of ur choice and get it stitched.
    Please don’t get an epilator…it takes absolutely AGES todo even half a leg. I have the Braun Silk Epil and I’ve hardly used it coz it just takes forever. I prefer a quick wax at the parlor.
    La senza has very nice leopard print bras…I’ve got one with purple lace detailing and straps…amazing ;)

  3. Buy Philips Soie Epilator for hair removal… It has 2 attachments- one for underarms & the other for Hands & Legs… You can buy it at discounted price of around Rs. 2000 on Medplusbeauty.
    Though it’s not recommended but I use it for upper lips hair removal too… So, basically I have stopped going to the parlours these days.

  4. Plz dont buy an epilator. Its not worth the time and money. Plus its more painful than waxing and u end up wid ingrown hairs. I have braun ka silk epil one…i paid around 6-7k for it and now its lying somewhere in the corner of the cupboard. If u wanna try out then try the one frm philips or panasonic…

    • omg!! i asked you girls for exactly d same reason..i didnt want to waste my money on something which is not worth it

  5. Lots of Aquarius around :-)Anarkali’s are always in-out of fashion however I just love flare. every girls should have a good Epilator- They are a savoir at times. I have Philips Epilator Satinelle Soft (HP6512/00) and I am happy. :-)

  6. I am an oily too.. and really am debating about fix plus. If you got it then do review it.
    Also Avoid buying an epilator if you can. The in-growth is really not worth it.


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