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Birthday Wish List 2011

Okay so the birthday is tomorrow and I’ve a wish list ready…in case I’ve a secret admirer who wants to send me some pretty things but since guys are absolutely clueless about gifts, so you know…the list is ready just in time to…. ahem help people ahem!
These things are not something I can’t buy myself or are damn expensive to afford but would love to hoard anyway.

Neon Tights
neon bright tights leggings
I’ve a few opaque tights in colours like red, blue and purple but I want those sheer glow in the dark tights in some of the brightest hues available to man kind like bubblegum pink, florescent green, sunny yellow and hot coral. Yes these 4 colours will do for now.
Jodha Akbar Style Kundan Necklace
kundan rajasthani bridal jewelry jodha akbar
No I’m not getting married anytime soon but I find myself fascinated to these big broad kundan necklaces that Rajasthani brides wear. Look at it..its B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. I just can’t take my eyes off it..wear this on your wedding and you feel like a maharani (queen). I want only this when I marry!
Feather Hair Extensions
feather hair extensions
I have always wanted to go crazy with my hair because my hair are like..good-well behaved girl’s hair? I’m a hair colour virgin so I first want some darker hues like red or plum on the tips ala the ombre trend. In my 1st year of college, I got those thread extensions on my hair where they take a thin bunch of hair and cover them from root to tip in a brightly coloured thread. I got 3 of them in red, green and blue. So, now I want these feathers to adorn my hair…synthetic feathers please.
Neon Dresses
neon color block dresses
I love colours and want need a sunny bright yellow dress in my wardrobe like right now! The neon trend is very big and I will hopefully get hold of bright clothes. Oh wait its my birthday right? So I will not get hold of the dresses, somebody gift them!
Neon Blazer
neon bright boyfriend blazer
You see me talking about neons and colours but I’m ashamed to admit I don’t have a single blazer with me..forget neon! So I want those bright boyfriend blazer this year. Winters or summers, I don’t care!
Pastel Nail Colors
pastel nail colors

I have not talked about pastels before this since the trend is relatively new, so pastels are these light cool solid hues which you can wear instead of those neutral or nude colours. I want these nail colours pretty please.

Pastel Clothing
pastel dresses
pastel clothing fashion trend 2012
And not just nail colours but pastel dresses and pants as well. May be I’ll then make some weekly calender like neons on MWF and pastels on TTS!
Also these are some great gifting ideas for your girl friends.
Which one ones are you picking Mr.Admirer?!

20 thoughts on “Birthday Wish List 2011”

  1. sighhhh.. i should post something like this too.. after all V-Day is round the corner ;) drooling over everything ansh…

  2. ahem~giving bday gift hints~ahem :D :D :D
    so cuteee :)
    all you want is colors actually :)
    that maharani haar :))

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! Looking at your wish list, I think I am drooling over them too. Its gorgeous!
    pen-twister.blogspot.com (hope it interests you).


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