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My Birthday and Valentine’s Day Gifts!

birthday gifts makeup chocolates diary

My Birthday and Valentine’s Day Gifts

My birthday and valentine’s day fall so close to each other that sometimes the line gets blurred and I can’t make out which gift is for what! But who cares when you get all the more reasons to be gifted. Let me show you what all I got this year..till now. There’s some more stuff but I forgot to take the photos but these are the main highlights. Last December I searched all the MAC stores in Delhi but ALL the stores ran out of Ruby Woo together! It felt like a conspiracy because I had seen (and swatched) it in the stores many times but just when I actually wanted it I could not get it. Playing hard to get Ms.Woo? Well I like it this way..I tried even harder and Sailor found it in stock in Phoenix Mall, Mumbai (there is a whole story behind it which I will tell you at the time of

      review). And not only the lipstick but we also got its closest dupe in a lip pencil form – Bourjois #20. And if you have spent 5mins with me then you would know my love for dark chocolates. And tadaaa a neon green diary full of diary entries and letters addressed to me. Yes we are old fashioned.

mac ruby woo birthday gift
mac ruby woo birthday gift

Actually I started this writing letters wala tradition back in school. And it still continues. And not only these but the main gift comes now. Collage! It has a million tiny pictures of me, us, friends, family, etc with a big pic of me in the background. Yes I spent hours looking at re-discovering all those pics. Its a fun game now..who can spot what fastest! When I unwrapped it, “gasp!” said a friend “its like new age Monalisa!”

my collage portrait gift vna

I was speechless. I mean I knew a collage was on the way but THIS!

birthday gifts from sailor vna

When you are a blogger, this new category is inevitable..gifts from brands. Maybelline sent me this personalized diary with my name printed on the cover. It would have been just another diary without that personal touch. But now its a lot special. Its magnetic too.

maybelline personalized diary vna
maybelline diary

I already had a diary for blog purpose but now I’ve switched to this one. Oh you can see my messy scribbling. Its now filled with important dates, meetings, writers’ list, products to review, posts in drafts, brands to cover, products to try, mails to answer..in short its VNA behind the screen.

maybelline blog diary gift

Just the other day I came home to this beautiful cupcake and jewellery from W for Women. They had sent two cupcakes but I guess the courier guy ate one!

cupcakes necklace bracelet for valentines day
gifts from W for Women

I also gifted myself some clothes..just a fancy way to say I shopped again! A sheer black lacey top is just what I wanted. I can’t tell you how much I’m into lacey stuff right now. Until the summers come ofcourse. The other lace top I bought recently which I wore in this outfit post.

little black dress and lacey black sheer top
lace top

On the left is the Little Black Dress I talked of here. Its classic yet glamorous. I’m waiting for a formal event to wear it.

lace black top fashion blog

Just 5mins back I ordered one more dress (no its not lace thank god!). I’m at a point where I’ve more lipsticks than tops and dresses to pair with them. So yes I’m mindlessly shopping for clothing and shoes. I will ofcourse go back to makeup after getting bored. I’m gonna get a new laptop this week. Followed by a DSLR in a few months and then a new phone. Oh yes I’m a gadget freak too.

Did you like my gifts? Which one is your favourite?

59 thoughts on “My Birthday and Valentine’s Day Gifts!”

  1. u r on a troll ansh.. :P I guess B’days gives us an excuse to splurge like mad.. :D
    loved everything.. :) <3

  2. this seems soooo cool! your sailor really pampers you a lot…. my bday and V-day have just 3 days in between still I didn’t get anything this year……:-(
    time to show this post to my guy…

  3. Lovely post.The same thing happened with me when I went to get Ruby woo for my wedding reception. I couldn’t get it in Bombay or Pune lastly I found it in Hyderabad. Its surprising to know that all MAC outlets were out of stock.

  4. Omgg anshuuu aa rahi main tere ghar sab thik se dekhne <3 awsum post!! I lovd d neon green sweety d most n yes count me in fr d letter writing club!

  5. The collage is simply so cute, you look very pretty:)) enjoy ruby woo, it is really difficult to get one here as well, as it is always out of stock!

  6. Wow Ansh lovely gifts, I so liked the collage with your pretty pic on it and that cute diary Maybelline gifted you, it’s too cute, I also write down stuffs like you like what posts to write, brands to cover, haha it’ fun h na and reminds you of things you have to do.

  7. I have the Bourjois lipliner #20 too! I bought it after numerous desperate (and unsuccessful) attempts to get my hands on Ruby Woo. Finally a few months later my sister gifted me Ruby Woo on my 20th birthday last December. :D The lipliner is the best ever! My go-to product. :) and I bought a lace black dress like yours too :D only the sleeves are lace though, the rest have a lace overlay :) Belated birthday wishes <3

  8. Wow!!! You are a lucky girl Anshita. So many lovely gifts. I loved all your gifts. I wish I too get some of those too on my birthday :) Thanks for sharing such a superb post. I totally loved it!


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