Best Small and Cute Tattoo Designs for Fingers: Ring and Index

Top Tattoo Design Ideas and Inspirations For Ring Finger for Men and Women

By Contributor: Srishti

Tattoo.. the word is not as light as we all usually take it to be. It is something you are going to have for the rest of your life. Getting a tattoo isn’t a bad idea but you should weigh the pros and cons before hand. It should be something that makes sense to you even when you are 80 ..Right ? I mean I would never want to look at my tattoo and think “what the hell was I thinking” or “OMG!! I have been such a fool!” There are a lot of designs and ideas to choose from but first timers should go for something small and simple. This could be on your wrist or your finger. Ring imitations on fingers look very good. But before that the check list for Tattoos which won’t make you feel it was a bad idea includes:

  1. Beauty
  2. Meaningfulness
  3. No regret

I am so glad that on a personal level I have no regrets with mine. I got this one in 2011 on the very day I moved to Delhi as a mark of a new beginning in a whole new city, as a positive first step in a whole new life. This tattoo means positivity and beauty to me. It reminds me of my school hymn “I have a dream” which went on to say “I believe in angels, something good in everything I see”. Belonging to a family of tattoo lovers (THANKFULLY!!) I keep my research on for the best of tattoo designs. Here are a few ring tattoo designs that I bet will grab good attention. Mostly girls go for the cuter and crazy ones, guys stick to usually symbols.

1. Initials – When you just want it for the heck of it. When you just have to have a tattoo!

Diamond with your initial.  Star with your initials if you are a first timer. Couples go for these a lot.

A delicate bow can be a very cute idea for girls.

2. Tattoos with Symbols or Foreign Alphabets

Mandarin (popularly known as Chinese language) is the best when you need something short and sweet, yet of meaning to you. The text one wants can be quoted short and tattooed in mandarin. Also, the font adds a mysterious aura to the tattoo.

3. Designs with Words or phrases

The one with Believe written on the side of finger is definitely my next. Isn’t the first one so romantic!!??

Words like these can be wrapped around your fingers. They look stylish and at the same time hold deep meaning to you.

4. Ring Finger Tattoo Designs for Couples:

These are few of those that one has to have with his/her better half like the one with Mr and Mrs, each other’s names on the ring finger. For those getting hitched can also go for “THE” date!! What could be sweeter than having the name of your soul mate on your ring finger!!? Any of these concepts would be such a romantic thing to do!!

5. Tattoo with Infinity on Finger

Forever, always, till I die etc. so many meanings and just one symbol. A simple and fuss free infinity sign looks very classy.

What about you? Planning to get inked and need some inspiration? Decisions! Which body part to ink, which design to use, etc etc. Hope this post inspired and helped you. Get something meaningful and don’t rush. So basically the lesson for the day is – Do not end up like Deepika Padukone.. act smart and wise!

Which is your favourite ring tattoo design? Share your views with us.

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