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Best New Year’s Eve Photos From Different Parts Of The World and a Happy New Year 2012!!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you had the time of your life last night. And hope you are out of the hangover by now! No? Not yet? Try lemons.Since all the world have bid adieu to 2011 (oh okay our western counterparts still have some time to cross the timeline), here are some new year’s eve celebrations from around the world.Did I tell you I’m against crackers and fireworks but its new year and fireworks look beautiful yada yada…you know where I’m heading..yes so I don’t crib and spoil the fun on new year’s, so I’m cool with it!

new year eve nyc
 this is the confetti on the Times Square wall,US with new year notes and wishes from people around the world, which will fall down when the clock strikes 12. Interesting!

Okay I forgot the names of the rest of locations but probably they are from Sydney, Hong Kong, LA, New York, Dubai, etc. I don’t have pictures from India! So just soak in the feeling of having crossed a great year.

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new year party
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new year eve boston
new year eve miami
new year chinese
happy new year

New Year’s Eve is probably the only festival that ALL the world right from east to west celebrates, so it gets me veryyy excited.
Have fun people. Hope you stick to your new year’s resolutions ;) Let’s welcome 2012 :)

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