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Benefit Posietint Lip and Cheek Stain: Review and Swatches

Benefit Posie tint Review swatches india

Benefit Posietint Review and Swatch

By Contributor: Mily

Have you ever felt like there should be a product which makes us look all fresh like a posie and that too all day? Ok we Indians might not have that feel because of the strong yellow undertones we have and a posie colour might just look like a makeover gone wrong but trust me..you will be glad there exists a flower called posie in this world because that’s the colour on which benefit made their cheek and lip stain in posie tint which I will review today! And you will believe my love for these products when you will come to know that I have BOTH full size and a sample Size of this tint.

Benefit Claims: This poppy-pink tinted stain brightens cheeks & lips with a cheery flush and natural finish. Kiss-proof & nuzzle-proof, the liquid-gel formula blends to just-picked perfection on all complexions and lasts for hours.

Benefit Posie tint Review

My Review:

I have been using this tint for the past one year and not even once have I not loved it. It’s a poppy pink cheek and lip stain. You receive 0.42 fluid ounces or 12.5 ml of product. They are housed in a thick glass bottle with a nail polish type plastic applicator. You need very little in one use so this bottle will last for ages but if I live for 1-2 extra years..I need that sample bottle..hence 2 bottles!

Benefit Posie tint Review swatches blog
Benefit Posietint

Now let’s talk about the actual product inside the bottle. It looks very cool toned pale pink in the bottle but transforms into a sheer heavenly natural blush on your cheeks. The colour will be more suitable for fairer skin tones but I am sure dusky Indian girls will be able to rock this colour too but it has to be applied with a more heavy hand on dusky skin. The staying power is all day with no fading. Since it’s a stain, it has to be blended quickly unless you are going for the “pink straight line on cheek” look.

Benefit Posie tint Review swatches
Benefit Posietint Review swatches

Swatches in natural light

The colour which comes on the cheeks is so stunning and natural that you cannot stop from looking at yourself in the mirror. Now this as a cheek stain is definitely amazing and beyond words. The lip stain part..not so much. Since it’s a poppy pink colour, it doesn’t show much on lips and makes them really dry. Although it can work in emergencies..Yeah we have that kind of emergencies where we just need a lip colour!

Benefit Posie tint Review swatch

This stain comes both as full size and as a small bottle in the benefit beauty kits like the Finding Mr. bright kit I am going to review next. So if you don’t want to buy a full bottle before trying, the beauty kits are a great deal. You get 4 benefit cult products in one box.

Here is how it looks on me

Benefit Posie tint Review swatches FOTD
Benefit Posietint Review swatches

Yays for Benefit Posietint:

  • A beyond gorgeous cheek stain which gives you naturally flushed rosy cheeks.
  • Nail polish like bottle and applicator which has huge quantity for a blush.
  • Also comes as a sample bottle in kits which are a great investment.
  • Although the colour is sheer, it can be build up according to your needs.

Nays for Benefit Posietint:

  • Will not show much on duskier skin tones unless you apply it with a heavy hand.
  • Expensive but totally worth it!
  • Dries up and stains if you don’t blend it quickly.
  • Not so good on lips.
Benefit Posie tint Review swatches photo
Benefit Posietint

Price: Rs. 1500 on benefit website and they are offering free shipping above 125$ so please comment if you want to order something so we can share the order for free shipping!

VNA Rating: 5/5

Overall: Benefit Posietint Lip and Cheek Stain is a stunning natural flushed cheek colour and an okay lip stain. I also want to try benetint and lollitint next!

Have you used Benefit Posietint? Share your views with us.