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Beauty Fundamentals by Lakmé Studio Experts: Makeup, Skin, Hair Trends

Mumbai, 03 March 2012: Worried about the sun damaging your skin and hair this summer? Do you want glowing skin and glamorous hair like all the models at that you see on television? Look no further as Lakmé Studio brings you the quickest solutions and the latest in beauty, hair and skin care trends for the season.

Being India’s first chain of beauty salons, Lakmé Studio has grown to understand the needs of the contemporary Indian woman and its experts are specially trained in beauty and hair-care know-how. Realizing and analyzing the woes of the harsh summer heat, Lakmé Studio has launched a whole range of fabulous and rejuvenating services that will give the contemporary woman of today a complete beauty solution for her daily needs. These newly launched services will leave you with gorgeous de-tanned skin and healthy hair.

Some of the key services launched –

Ultimate Blow Dry: The service created through a range of Catwalk by TIGI Your Highness products results in soft, full of body hair that provides the perfect canvas to achieve remarkable volume.

Time Restore Protein Treatment: Replenish the lost protein in the hair with the New Amino Cell Rebuild Technology that stimulates hair roots and increases the keratin levels that bring back the life and sheen.

The Ultimate Airbrush: This revolutionary makeup treatment uses an airbrush to apply the products that leaves you with a natural and even look. It is waterproof, smudge proof and allows the skin to breathe as it uses minimal use of product.

Skin Light Masque: In 20 minutes this service leaves your skin de-tanned and even. Ideal for all skin types, this organic mask regenerates, lightens and firms stressed skin with the use of plant ingredients as well as numerous anti-oxidants.

The well renowned Lakmé Studio Experts Sushma Khan and Sudeep Grover have some trends and tips to share to keep your hair and skin refreshed this season.

Sushma Khan, Lakmé Studio Skin and Make-up Expert: Every woman’s beauty needs are unique and we completely understand their need to get personalized beauty treatments and skin care tips. At Lakmé Studio we make it a point to do detailed consultations before suggest any service to our customers. For this summer I would suggest that all women stick to the mantra of drinking lots of water, eating healthy and wear minimal make-up to give their skin a naturally radiant glow.

Sudeep Grover, Lakmé Studio, Hair Expert: With trends that change every season, the contemporary Indian woman is forever on the look out to experiment and try something new with her hair. Short hair with a bob-cut and a fun fringe is back in vogue. Earthy colours like browns and burgundy are very popular this season and you will find them in abundance on international ramps as well. In the summer, women tend to underestimate the damage that the sun can do to their hair. It is imperative to keep the hair healthy with a combination of good nutritional diet and products backed by scientific technology so that the tresses are voluminous and lustrous.

Summer Tricks and Trends by the Experts for this season

Skin-care trends

• Water based sunscreen with high SPF
• Drink plenty of water
• Night cream
• Healthy diet
• Anti-oxidants, Vitamin C & Vitamin D supplements

Hair-care trends

• Short maintenance-free haircuts
• Bobs with straight fringe
• Warmer hair colors like copper, blonde, beige
• Up-styling for women with long hair
• Hair products with SPF

Make-up trends

• Natural looking make-up
• Light, long lasting and water-proof products
• Warm tones like red, peach and plum
• Nude lips or shades of baby pink and orange
• Bold and dramatic eyes

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