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Secret Tip of the Day Vol. 27

mud pack face

Summers are on full swing. And the one thing that keeps me going in this heat is my favourite DIY face pack. Favourite because its ideal for summers and takes a min to prepare. I guess you all know about multani mitti (fuller’s earth). It soaks up every drop of oil and gives you a squeaky clean face. That’s why its another name is “cleansing mask

“. There are 2 ways to prepare the mask:

  • You use the clay powder that’s available in the market. So now you just take 2tbsp of that clay powder and mix with 2tbsp of    milk/glycerin/water. Really anything will do!
  • The second way is pure labour if you ask me. You get the rock solid piece of fuller’s earth and then soak it in water overnight in a bowl. By morning, the clay would be ready to use. Just drain the water and apply the mask.

Now just wait for 10mins for it to dry. Shut your big mouth while its doing its work, it will hurt! And don’t let your stupid brother make you laugh. While washing, wet your whole face first then start scrubbing in small circular motions and it will come off easily. You will notice your face is totally oil and dirt free.

PS- The clay powders available in market are adulterated these days. I once got a powder that gave me rashes. Buy from somewhere authentic. And if it smells rotten then its probably artificial. Ask your mom to be the judge. Or go simply by the second option. Hard work pays!

5 thoughts on “Secret Tip of the Day Vol. 27”

  1. Hi Ansh..
    Your current blog theme is so cute.. I love these pastels.. very nice and girly..
    and I love your DIYs.. thanks a lot for posting this mask.. It might help me(My face becomes an oil mine in summers :o )


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