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Battleground: Veet Ready To Use Wax Strips V/S Hip Hop Cold Wax Strips

*strip* ouuchhhhhhh.. Welcome to the world of body waxing! While men may think they are the strongest species out there, its us girls who battle it out everyday of our lives with the most painful and dangerous of the tasks. And the biggest monster I’ve ever come across is h-a-i-r..except for the hair I’ve on my head ofcourse. There was a time I considered taking pain killers before the eyebrow and waxing sessions at the parlour. But with time I’ve got brave and this seems like an easy peezy task now. Thanks to the cold wax strips (kudos to the man woman who invented them). I’ve used two brands of ready-to-use wax strips till date and today both of them are ready to battle it out. Yayyyy we have a war at VNA today (TRP boost :P )

veet cold wax strips

Veet Claims: Veet ready to use wax strips are unique pre coated strips that allows you to wax quickly and at your convienience .Unlike ordinary waxing Veet superior wax formula grabs hair as short as 2mm giving you superior smoothness up to 4 weeks.

Hip Hop Claims: Hip Hop skincare presents a new hassle free solution to traditional waxing giving an unbelievably quick & easy way to wax. Removes hair from roots, works well even on short hair. Superior formula using high quality ingredients for safe waxing. Leaves skin smooth & soft up to 4 weeks. Suitable for all skin types.

The claims are all same!

So what do you get with Veet strips?

  • 4*2 wax strips. That makes a total of 8 individual strips.
  • 2 post use wipes
And Hip Hop gives you:
  • 6*2 wax strips. So that makes it 12.
  • 2 post use wipes.
So you see you get 4 more wax strips with Hip Hop. While Veet retails for Rs.69, Hip Hop is just Rs.55 and still you get more quantity with it. So there is a huge difference when it comes to price and quantity.
In terms of quality, okay its kinda boring to say it plainly but its all SAME. Both of them are supposed to remove your body hair and they both perform nicely. So, I’m not going to bore you with going on and on.
Although the new veet strips come in a slightly different shape which makes the grip better while peeling it off but that’s no big deal, you still get the same finish.
While Veet comes in three different variants depending on the skin type- normal, dry and sensitive. Hip Hop comes in 3 different….umm…flavours
– normal, strawberry and green tea! I want to go into strawberry heaven while removing my body hair next!
Availability is the only point where Veet scores since its easily available at local markets. And Hip Hop is only available online as far as I know.
body waxing
 the after waxing wipes
hair removal waxing at home
i ran out of veet strips so here are the hip hop strips for you
Conclusion: Both of them are pretty much similar but Hip Hop offers better quantity at a lesser price so Hip Hop wins the battle!