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Barbara Palvin Cannes 2012: Dress, Hair, Makeup

If there is one word I have grown up hearing is “cute”. People (all ages, all sizes) find me cute…..Hmph. And that is exactly what comes to my mind when describing Barbara Palvin at Cannes 2012.

Barbara Palvin Cannes

Did you know she is the youngest L’Oreal Ambassador? Anyhoo, she wore a gown from Valentino’s Fall/Winter 2011 haute couture collection. It has a beautiful rope detailing to the neckline and waist. Honestly, I’m not digging the gown. Its gold, its silver, its Valentino, it has a bare back…things that are most likely to work together but somehow are not working here. BUT that said, I’m in love with the fresh makeup. And that streaky pony-tail. Now I have always wanted a streaky pony tail but somehow my smooth hair don’t allow it. And the accessories include only a clutch and no earrings, I always love the fresh no ear-rings look.

The makeup products used to achieve this look are below.

Barbara Palvin Cannes 2012
Barbara Palvin Cannes dress
Barbara Palvin
Barbara Palvin Cannes hair ponytail
Barbara Palvin Cannes fresh makeup
Barbara Palvin Cannes L'Oreal

So by the time you read this, I assume you are already in love with the fresh and summer makeup and hair.

Barbara Palvin Cannes makeup products

She has used L’Oreal Lumi Magique primer and foundation as a base. The eyes are done wit the L’Oreal Infallible eye shadow in 27 Goldmine. Then they are lined with the L’OR Electric Super Liner (click for my swatch). The liner is also applied a little below the lower lash line..I don’t know why! Now the lipstick is not hard to guess considering she represents the L’Oreal Rouge Caresse line. Its Dating Coral dabbed with True Color Rich Burning Sunset

. I think its the shimmer in Burning Sunset that is imparting the dewiness to the lips.

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10 thoughts on “Barbara Palvin Cannes 2012: Dress, Hair, Makeup”

  1. She’s umm… Cute! LOL! That actually is the best word for her! She looks like a 13 year old with makeup on, although that makeup is amazing! The dress.. I like the pattern but the style makes it look like a prop from That 70’s show. :/

  2. @bhumika yeah (L’OR) electric smile :P

    @bharti orange tends to make ur teeth yellow. must find an orange with blue tones!

    @teli pleasure :)

  3. @nisha 13yr old lol. but when everyone is trying to look younger these days..she has the advantage, no?

    @saracr dress..umm okay. but yes makeup!


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