Bajaj Nomarks Cream: Review, Price

Review, Price, Ingredients, Buy Online Bajaj Nomarks Cream for Dry Skin

By Contributor: Vaidehee

Hey you guys! I’m really glad to finally be back to posting here on VNA, I had to take a little time off for my family, but I’m back with a whole series of reviews and posts lined up! So today, in lieu of my skin that decided to commit treason and break-out , i’ll be reviewing the Bajaj NOMarks Cream for Dry skin. I’ve already reviewed their face wash, which turned out to be surprizingly good, Fingers Crossed!

What does Bajaj No Marks Claim? The product claims to hydrate dry skin ,  making it less prone to streaching out, wrinkles and blemishes. It’s enriched with anti bacterias, Herbal Micronutrients, Anti-oxidants and Ordanic Actives Enriched ingredients and Natural Vitamin-E.  It claims to show visible results in 4 weeks, when used multiple times a day in combination with the bajaj no marks facewash.

My Review:

Packaging: It comes in a classic old tube, nothing extraordinary here. It’s functional packaging, and because it’s not a pot, the product isn’t exposed and remains sanitary and has a longer shelf life.

Vitamin-E  is ofcourse one of those things you want to hear in the ingredient list of a product that claims to help with scars, blemishes, and uneven skin tone.  The vitamin-E source here is almond oil, which also works well enough for moisturizing the skin.

The anti bacterials and aloe vera extracts it contains do help with preventing  acne, and fading out blemishes. As for the rest of the ingredient list, i’m a little sceptical and that little “paraben” mention scares me.

Fragrance : The product smells of almonds, and almost slightly like sweetened “khoya” (i have no clue what that’s even called in english !) If you’re sensitive to such sweet smells , this is going to be Highly Annoying! As for me, i don’t really mind.

Texture and Consistency of Bajaj Nomarks Cream for Dry Skin:

The cream itself is slightly dense,  and feels heavy on the skin. It takes a little while to absorb into the skin and for the greasiness to die down.  Not very happy there. But since it is for dry skin, i guess that makes sence. (Although, i don’t exactly have dry skin ever since the winter has subsided)

Does Bajaj Nomarks Cream for Dry Skin Work?

I Have mentioned a couple of times that i have been having a little trouble with my skin lately, and so i was the perfect lab- rat to test this out on. The flaming red spots on my cheeks have now been toned down, after two weeks of regular use, and a few other spots have lightened up , packed up and are about to leave town! ( yay! ) So i can attest to the fact that it works on blemishes and hydrates your skin. To be completely honest though , I have nothing to say about the claims on being able to prevent wrinkles, and i hardly think it will lighten the skin-tone ( Where’s the sun screen ? ) .

Price : Rs 85 for the 25 gram tube, which is incredibly reasonable. (as i’ve said before, this makes the gujju inside of me want to spontaneously break out into garba!)

Buy Online:

VERDICT? Given the price and the quality of the product, i guess it’s worth a try , and i would highly recommend it if you happen to have dry skin. But you could just use aloe vera gel masks, and a few other drugstore products to handle the blemishes and scars , in combination with vitamin-E and vitamin-C as a part of your beauty regime and diet to get even better results.

Have you used Bajaj Nomarks Cream for marks and scars? Share your reviews with us.

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